30 Rock – Jack Gives Tracy Therapy

30 Rock – Jack Gives Tracy Therapy

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  1. “Lady, just because I’m an ignorant black man and you paid me a nickle to bust up your chifferobe, doesn’t give you the right to call me ridiculous just because I’m proud of my son!”

    Alec Baldwin was the soul of 30 Rock.

  2. This was the video that got me into 30 rock. I was reading some article in the NYTimes about the show and they linked to this video. Before that I always assumed the show was trash. After watching it and laughing out loud I started watching it.

  3. I am just finishing watching 30 Rock for the third time.

    First time through: this is a nice show Tina Fey put together.

    Second time: This is a very nice ensemble comedy.

    Third time: Alec Baldwin is a comedic genius.

  4. If you haven’t watched this show yet I highly recommend it. One of the better sitcoms of the last couple decades. I was really sad when it stopped, though admittedly they quit while they were ahead.


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