As an American, I never saw this deleted scene in Austin Powers. Apparently it was included in the theatrical versions overseas, but never in American theaters or TV.

As an American, I never saw this deleted scene in Austin Powers. Apparently it was included in the theatrical versions overseas, but never in American theaters or TV.

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  1. I always wanted to see this joke in a spy movie. All those henchmen getting wiped out — in the real world you know there’d be issues.

    Lots of “serious” movies where twenty hench-guys get killed and then the lead bad guy; “Now I’m getting angry.” Like, there wouldn’t be a few million dollars in fallout from losing 20 guys?

    It also reminds me of Tarzan, when a dozen or so natives get killed off by a tiger or falling off the narrow cliffs, the white explorers all group up, count each other and say; “Thank God nobody was injured.”

  2. Wait, this scene isn’t in the US version? Then what about the scene later on where it cuts the headless henchman’s bachelor party?

    Edit: Clarification! I’m in the UK, just confused about how the movie is edited in the US version… Sounds screwy! 😛

  3. There is another deleted scene where Austin Powers hypnotized Christian Slater. I don’t think this was ever included even as an extra in the US version.

    It’s not shown in this clip, but Christian Slater shows back up when the evil layer is collapsing. Also instead of “judo chop” Austin Powers would say “Chinese chop”

  4. There’s another similar scene where the dead henchman misses his own bachelor party at Hooters and his mates receive the phone call. I wonder if that was cut from the US version too.

  5. No joke TBS did a special when they first aired AP back in the day on a Friday or Saturday night. They showed this clip. I think Rob Lowe might have even hosted the special. I thought about the deleted scene every time I watched AP. I began to think I imagined it because none of my friends had seen it and I never had seen the scene again, until now. Thank you!

  6. Yeah. I watched it on Netflix last week and was wondering where that scene was. In Australia there was also another scene in one of the others where a bunch of one of the henchmens mates found out he died while holding a party for him at hooters.

  7. I remember seeing that scene at one stage, might have been a friend’s copy he brought over.

    Personally, it’s a bit weird because in a comedy spy film like Austin Powers, I feel it’s out of place because it’s pretty grim in contrast to the camp attitude all throughout the film.

  8. Oh my gosh. You guys never saw this? This makes so much sense now!! We got this scene in the Australian theatrical version and in the DVD release. So a couple years ago, when Taken 2 was released, I put up a still frame series of this scene, ending with the quote “no one ever thinks how things affect the family of a henchman” and said it was basically the premise for the Liam Neeson movieTaken 2 (which literally is about the family of a dead henchman taking revenge on Liam Neeson).
    Post obvs bombed. I DIDNT KNOW YOU GUYS HADN’T SEEN THIS SCENE! Aargh!

  9. I used to play G.I. Joes and army men with my brother when we were kids. Every time one of the guys was killed he would make up back stories about how their wife and kids would cry and grow up without a father. It made me feel kinda bad for killing them.


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