Instructor goes into existential moment when showing how to kill trees

Instructor goes into existential moment when showing how to kill trees

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  1. I will not watch wranglestar videos anymore. As someone who has been harvesting and processing my own firewood for years now, I used to appreciate these videos right up until the video explaining the reasons he was going to vote for Trump.

  2. Forester: “Fred; you need to take one for the team. We’re going to secure you in the forest and strip a ring of skin from your body, so that your internals are no longer protected from the environment. It won’t kill you outright; but you will die – ever so slowly. But in the process, various insects will burrow deep into your body to feast on your living carcass. Hopefully they will grow, attract others of their kind, reproduce, and spread throughout the rest of your body. They can only do it while you’re alive, you know. And other animals will dig into your still-writhing form to feast on the insects, and so on.

    The environment as a whole can benefit from your painful, extended agony. It’s a wonderful Circle-of-Life thing…

    Oh – almost forgot! We’ll also be marking you with red tape. That way, if anyone tries to approach you and save you (or put you out of your misery) they’ll be warned-off. I mean after a while, the rotting and festering will make you dangerous to others. You may lash out. Don’t want any innocent people getting hurt or killed as you go through your final death-throes.

    You *do* understand, Fred, don’t you?

    Fred: “OK. That sounds logic… Wait…”

  3. Instructor? thats wranglerstar….. so essentially anyone with a youtube channel is now a certified instructor. Well my CV is about to look a little more interesting.

  4. omg “I am layman, and I make layman mistakes. I actually know very little about this. I just share what little that I do know.” This guy is so humble and down to earth. I appreciate this kind of people.

  5. He’s such a kind genuine guy I don’t agree with his politics at all but he tries to share his whole life and knowledge and I can’t hate a man for that. Especially when people can be so hateful and polarizing. A good man with a incredibly religious background so it goes.


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