Just found this masterpiece.

Just found this masterpiece.

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  1. Reddit is weird, this is like the 10th time this happens, yesterday i saw this video for the first time, and today i see it here, it’s not new but for some reason, some guy also saw it and decided to post it.

  2. Wtf is this video?? This is Limmy’s Show but the guy who uploaded it is claiming he got the idea for it from another video.

    Why is it so hard to just give credit to the original creators?

  3. One time I cleaned the bottom of my shoe with a knife and then give it to a fucking bitch customer that had me doing something similar. I can relate so much to this video. I love it so much

  4. Man I don’t get these videos. Am I the only person that hates the taste of most tap water? I’ve tried drinking water from the sink in multiple cities, but most taste shitty. I drink bottled water at home because the tap tastes awful. One time I ran out of bottles and had to drink from the sink. I’d almost rather go thirsty. Maybe I just have sensitive taste buds, shit idk. But honestly, I really do drink bottled water just for the taste.

  5. Tap water in Scotland is really good tbh, its nice and pure. Moved to England and water is much worse, you really have to boil it and even if you do you still get white flakes in it.


    I play playstation, and i have him on psn, and one morning while playing overwatch he invites me to a game. I paused and thought to myself, he surley didn’t mean too, he meant to invite a mate and clicked my name by accident… so i accept, i join his group and its limmy and his mate who is also scottish. They start searching for a competative game (i was the same s.r as him) then his mate says in a thick scottish accent “Limmeh, yeh get a moic?” A few moments pass, then a rustling from limmys mic starts and he speaks… at this point i am silently fan boying the absolute fuck out, but i dont want to say anything because i dont want to fuck this opportunity up.

    He says “testing the moic, testing my micrehpheone wun, two, tree, four, foive, testing my own micrehphone, can yeh hear meh?”
    Too which his mate says “yeh i cayn buht ye sound loike yer in a tunnel”
    I also pipe in with “yeah i can hear you limmy mate”
    He then interrupts us by saying “BAH, i no u can fekin hear me, of course yeh can”
    I silently piss myself laughing and continue to fan boy.

    We get a game and start playing, now as i am in Australia and our government has fucked our internet, and they are in scotland and in a server closer to scotland i started to lag, badly. I couldnt get a kill, i couldn’t play as good as i am, and i tried so hard, through my tears of happiness and frustration limmy then speaks to me directly…

    My heart stops as he says the first half of my online handel “aye jilleh”

    He then says to me: “aye jilleh, yer a shite player, yeh should have not accepted my invite, how did ya get to this s.r?!”
    I respond by explaining my lag issue to which he says, “well its yer prerogative, yeh shuld ‘ave told meh thayt yer technologeh in australia is shite, its yer fookin prerogative aye?”

    I laughed harder than ive laughed my entire life. (me and my colleagues and friends quote limmy on a daily basis, someone could ask me how my day is and id say “mmmyyyeeeehhh, its pretteh stand-ard”)

    After two games i left, i apologised and moved on. I messeged everyone who knew what he did as a comedian and told them, i put up a snapchat story about it so i have photos of limmy playing as Junkrat.

    Later on that night i was having a party for my birthday, all my friends who know limmy were there, some of them were playing on my account, and he invited me again, so i snatched the controller, plugged my headset in and accepted.

    Thus proceded 5 minutes of about 6 drunk guys all screaming limmy quotes into one headset. He never invited me again.

    That ladies and gentelmen is my story of meeting Brian ‘Limmy’ Limmond

    TLDR; met Limmy on playstation, pissed him off, best day of my life….


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