COMO – Modular Cork Furniture

6 COMO is a modular cork furniture composed of only two different base elements. Eco-friendly, adaptable storage units for your home, office or shop interior – assembled without any tools and arranged in unlimited numbers and arbitrarily. 1 module is built with 12 cork elements and its connections (16 straps & 36 wooden pins) available […]

See Saw Do – Furniture design

6 See Saw Do was commissioned by VPUU to design a set of furniture and shelving units for a container based toy library & youth space. Checkout our blog post for the design process and final documentation.!Design-Process-Toy-Library/kba7q/56434ff70cf2e1ca27935be5 The toy library is aimed at equipping the various ECD programs within Lotus Park by providing educational […]

Paper Furniture — Universal interior modular system

8 Solution of a cheap student’s paper furniture which is modular across its width to a great extent and thus it is possible to customize it according to student’s needs. Design goes hand in hand with optimalization to high volume production, cutting forms and manufacturability so there is as low as possible amount of parts […]

Units Furniture

4 Units Furniture is a new mass customization system that allows customers to customize their unique one-off multifunctional furniture for their limited living space. Saving space, modularity and multifunction have become the dominant features in Units Furniture. Units Furniture is a well-considered solution, ergonomically sound and fully resolved in its form and function. Manufacturing process, […]

Building Awe-Inducing Crystalline Structures

1478 Crystallography, molecular structures, cosmology—three things that aren’t usually associated with designing a chair or a house, but these scientific subjects are what architects and designers ArandaLasch mine to create their modular designs that emulate the infinite. For more information: The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE: _______________________________ Facebook: […]