The best video I’ve seen of someone making pickles

The best video I’ve seen of someone making pickles

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  1. well now i want to make pickles. that was super fun. i wish i knew what in the ingredients made them half sour, instead of full sour, but maybe i don’t really need that information floating around in my head

  2. I’ve never seen a video of anyone making pickles.. so any video I watch will be the best pickle video I’ve ever seen.

    (I have not actually watched the video. I just came here to make passive-aggressive comments about the title, because my life is empty and meaningless)

  3. 10 days ?

    Isn’t it a bit too long ?

    In my country we wait 3-5 days.

    But that may be because he is putting them in fridge ? (which is is unusual for me to be honest we always put it away from sun but not in cold temperatures.


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