10.000 Chickens vs. 20 T-Rexes

10.000 Chickens vs. 20 T-Rexes

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  1. Median weight for a chicken from a quick google search puts them at 620 grams, I will ask my mom to weigh a chicken that looks similar for piece of mind. Trex weight is 8160 kg so pound for pound we’re at 6200 Kg vs 24480 kg
    Gram for gram
    Chicken is worth 3.95 of T. rex in battle minimum
    T. rex meat should be priced according- oh look my bus.

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  3. Sure if the T-rex doesn’t micro at all!!

    Put a choke point on the battlefield! Maybe some trees? The T-rex could knock a tree over and then prevent the chickens from attacking 50% of it’s area!

    It’s like putting a zealot in the mineral line vs zerglings…

  4. The challenging part of UEBS is making a battle with a variety of soldiers and teams and having the winner survive with only a few units left.

    UEBS is a fun diversion but requires a beefy systems once you get past 10,000 units. It’s also fairly unpolished as the units can either stand their ground or rush blindly to attack.

    You can also push “N” to launch a nuclear bomb at the battle which destroys everything in range, except of course the Chuck Norris unit which is only removes something like .1% of his health.

  5. Came here to say that anyone who has played Ocarina of Time knows chickens don’t play around…

    All kidding aside, I am glad chickens can’t organize into armies of 10000+. Even though we could wipe them out easy, it would be kind of terrifying to see close up.

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  7. I think they assigned some arbitrary “attack” value to the chickens, so if a human is 1, and a t-rex is 300, they did a chicken was 0.05 or something then ran this. In that case, the 10000 chickens would “win”, but in reality, 1 fucking t-rex could destroy even 100000 chickens that were on the ground. “Damage” in real life doesn’t scale as linearly.

  8. I dont buy it. I feel like I – as a person – could kill at least 50 chickens before they got me. A t-rex has to easily be able to break 500 chicken necks before dying.


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