1. Garbage Can Fly Trap https://garbage-can-fly-trap.myshopify.com/
2. Kinsa Smart Thermometer https://www.kinsahealth.com/products/kinsa-smart-ear-thermometer
3. Sugru Moldable Glue https://www.amazon.com/Sugru-Moldable-Glue-Black-White/dp/B00EU7DBNM
4. Neato Botvac https://www.neatorobotics.com/robot-vacuum/botvac/
5. Zubits https://zubits.com/
6. Withings Body Cardio https://www.amazon.com/Withings-Body-Cardio-Health-Composition/dp/B01HLX3PDC?th=1
7. AWAIR https://getawair.com/
8. Vixole Shoes https://www.vixole.com/
9. Bixi https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1860920533/bixi-control-any-smart-device-by-simply-waving-you?token=535cc4f4
10.Flexwarm http://flexwarm.com/

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Comment (32)

  1. I could make an admittedly basic version of that first one using basic home stuff. I can't justify $15 for one of those lil plastic things.

  2. That fly trap is totally useless. fun and games until it drops its eggs down on the garbage. better to just keep it closed so they cant get in at all. Tested it. Actually had to pay money to drill a fucking hole in my garbage can and they just dropped their eggs through the bottom of the trap. thats supposed to attract them with the air. Fucking useless now my garbage can is friggin filled with flies. Had to hose it out. Thanks you damn idiots.

  3. how the fuck does an "E-Sneaker" make my life easier, do companies really want to connect to your phone that badly.

  4. Als aller erstes, ich kenne deinen Kanal nicht sehr lange, wurde auf deinem Kanal aufmerksam von ein paar Freunden.

    So, jetzt komme ich mal zu meiner Einschätzung deines Kanals; ich finde was du machst, grenzt an einer bodenlosen Frechheit, die wahrscheinlich sehr untertrieben ist. Deine Videos sind absolut schlecht; Du cuttest ein paar Werbeausschnitte zusammen und erzählst etwas darüber und das erzählte, hast du nicht mal selbst geschrieben, sondern auf der jeweiligen Produkt-Seite vorgelesen (Merkt man, weil du manchmal – indirekt – Werbung für dieses Produkt machst und es wertest, mit Schlagwörter wie; wunderbare, tolle, universelle, einzigartige, praktische usw.). Natürlich darf die Werbung nicht fehlen ! Grundsätzlich, finde ich das überflüssige schneiden eines Videos, damit es die 10 Minuten knackt, nicht schlimm! Doch wenn man wie du, bei einem Video SIEBEN mal Werbung schaltet, dann ist das sehr unverschämt und degoutant !

    Nach zähligen dislikes, hast du es immer noch nicht hin bekommen, deine Attitude gegenüber der Frage; "wie verdiene ich mein Geld auf humane-weise?" zu ändern. Ich fordere, dass du dein Verhalten – sofort – änderst.

    MfG Merlin Pinkepank
    P.S. Überlege dir das löschen meines Kommentares 🙂

  5. no idea how putting a picture on your shoes makes your life easier and yes the magnet makes it easier to take the shoes off but that's all you still have to bend down to clip it back together which is the same as shoes with Velcro strips instead of lases. also yes the bixi may help in some areas change songs and stuff but as far as car rides go you still have to move you hand off the wheel to use it. the robot hover is awesome if you have a spare 1000 laying around and can't be bothered cleaning yourself.

  6. NO! 1. I don't like killing things even if it's annoying ass flies or mosquitoes. I do gesture "WTF BRO" at them every now and then and hope they stop with the shenanigans but that's all I do.

    I liked number 3 would be fun to build things with that, rest is fine but… make life easier? debatable

  7. why does this guy make vids with the most useless shit ive ever seen how do ppl watch this shit seriously

  8. "we need an app for taking the temperature of a sick child."

    Are you kidding me?!

    How are these Starbuck-Hipsters surviving when there is no w-lan or monile-internet?!

  9. that type of scales is nothing new, i have one what measures all that, the only thing is it is not connected to your phone, and if i remember well I bought it around 5 years ago and it was around 20 or 25€ …

  10. guys search his unique and best channel your mind is my warehouse is the name search best videos to see made by him tech zone another channel made by him that is what i am talking


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