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  1. Okay, for those interested in an educated opinion from someone who knows what's needed out in the woods… In the order the products were mentioned:

    1- Get a My Bottle from Katadyn. Less expensive, less moving parts, long track record. BTW, it's not a filter. It's an actual purifier.

    2- Fire steels are very common. And sorry, but that one is far from the best. Look into the models made by Exotac.

    3- $300 for a solar oven?! Beyond ridiculous. Look online for free plans on how to construct your own. I've seen folks make their own out of parts they already had lying around. Not uncommon to make one for about $25.

    4- Handy. But there are cheaper ones out there, just as good.

    5- The last thing you want to do is walk around the woods with your pants constantly falling down! This belt is a gimmick. Carry 100 feet of 550 paracord. Use that to haul things, instead of the belt you need to hold up your pants. As for the tools on the buckle. You're far better off carrying a good multi-tool or Swiss Army knife instead.

    6- Laughably impractical. Carry a water container and a metal nesting cup for it to boil water properly. Out in the woods, trees often block out direct sunlight. And you can't use that gimmick if it rains.

    7- Someone took County Comm's breacher tool, sharpened up the edges, drilled more holes into it, and provided a saw to use with it. They also jacked up the price.

    8- Okay, that watch is a good one. No, it's not waterproof. It's water-resistant. None of its features though is a substitute for getting the needed dedicated items though. It's simply a good back-up.

    9- Some BG's items are worth it. His survival kits are not. Cheap items used for the kits. Plus, FAR from everything you'll need. A completely basic kit MUST include items to deal with the following: Fire making, shelter, signaling, and navigation. Shelter can be cordage or a spool of waxed dental floss for making a basic A-frame. Fire can be covered with firesteel and a striker in a basic kit. Signaling with a whistle and a small signal mirror. Navigation with a compass. If any are missing, don't waste your money. If the items are cheap as hell, don't waste your money. Basically don't waste your money on his kits.

    10- If you can get a signal, then use your phone. If you can't, then a bunch of fancy features aren't going to help you.

  2. Yass I really SOULD get all of these huh? why the fuck does this channel have so many grammar mistakes and audio fuck-ups? it's soooo flawed

  3. $200 for one fucking carbon filter bottle, meaning NOT filtering out any metallic toxins!!!!! Damn overpriced!

  4. lol at that solar oven about 30 dollars in materials to make a box with a shiny cone of shame selling for 300 dollars….

  5. cook food and boil water in the most extreme conditions like when it's really sunny out and that's about it


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