15 Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test – Amazing Kitchen Gadgets Ever

15 Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test. Find out the coolest kitchen gadgets and tools ever. Subscribe for more Kitchen gadgets test video .

Kitchen gadgets Links:

Scizza : http://a.co/9RoqwcE

Smood : http://a.co/gEcxcny

Tapi : http://a.co/4t7S1ZI

Temji : http://a.co/gfPee1w

Teafu : http://a.co/bO3RwYs

Garject : http://a.co/h2pnycz

Chopula : http://a.co/eXzgxuU

Savel : http://a.co/8BAjvXD

Gripet : http://a.co/0mlnLlJ

Onpot : http://a.co/7NocZvF

Vebo : http://a.co/7SRWNTl

Holey Spadle : http://a.co/1HTj86V

Membo : http://a.co/9Iiugdc

Supoon : http://a.co/guLqijH

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Comment (28)

  1. The only usefull thing is probably "Tapi", if you wouldn't waste so much fresh water. Use a glass!

    The rest?:
    Learn how to cook and use normal kitchen tools.

    And why should people cook food in plastic or silicon.
    Think a little bit about the envirement and your health.

    If you can't cook, gagdets are useless.

  2. If you need a gadget to remember to feed your pet don't have one unless your of old age and can't remember or your medication makes you forgetful that is understandable

  3. 1.the names sounded like something Alan Harper would've come up with and 2. you don't scrape your nutella glass, you fill it with hot milk, shake and drink it up!


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