27 minutes of Steve Vai and Nile Rodgers jamming and creating the Halo 2 soundtrack

27 minutes of Steve Vai and Nile Rodgers jamming and creating the Halo 2 soundtrack

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  1. Almost felt like I was there brainstorming with them, given the raw footage. So cool to hear their first reactions and input on video games. What a great video! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I knew even as a young kid that hearing this soundtrack was an absolute honor and a masterpiece, it seriously added so much hype to the game it was unreal. Blessed to have lived in that time

  3. Holy fuck. I am showing my age but I couldn’t enjoy that because I was a PS player at the time. Still, very awesome. I might listen to that again, or even buy a Xbox. Oh, and Steve Vai is a fucking legend. Pardon my poor use of language.

  4. Holy shit! I’ve seen Vai and his teacher Satriani probably ten times over the years and listened to them for a couple decades.
    When I heard this in context I went to get my father and said “how Vai is that?!” he thought so too. I have the soundtrack on my phone now too. I still didn’t know I was right until this moment my dad is gonna shit and laugh so much.

  5. Man, I’ve been gaming since I was 6 years old, started on the Game Boy Color, moved my way on up from there.

    Halo was one of my favorite games of all time, from making up short stories of Master Chief, drawing everything Halo, reading all of the books multiple times, I loved it death.

    There is nothing else in this world that can make me feel as nostalgic as hearing the Halo score.

    Crazy how things work like that.

    I hope some day I get to experience something like that again, or at the very least, to have children that I get to watch experience something like playing Halo for the first time.

  6. I had no idea that Steve was even involved with this at the time. It was around that period that I started playing guitar with Steve as one of my main inspirations.




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