5 AWESOME GADGETS on Amazon Under $15

5 AWESOME GADGETS on Amazon Under $15
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*** List of Gadgets Under $15 on Amazon ***
5 – Budstraps https://goo.gl/KOfSk0
4 – Umbra Magnetter https://goo.gl/GfBkqs
3 – DYMO LabelManager 160 https://goo.gl/2qWDg9
2 – GateKeeper https://goo.gl/4HMk89
1 – D’Addario Varigrip https://goo.gl/zDKT6e

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5 AWESOME GADGETS on Amazon Under $15

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  1. hello, I hope that you are having a nive day, if you want to make my day even nicer, please cheak out r my channel and maiby subscribe☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  2. For the safer lock product if an addict wants to get high or abuse drugs, a combination lock on a pill bottle is not going to stop ppl

  3. So im from Germany and normaly im only watching german Videos but one day youtube recommend one of your videos and i watched it and i was so glad that i found your channel cuz i love buying stuff on amazon 😀

  4. at 4:59 HAHAHA I thought that DAddario hand exercising tool was some sort of tiny digital Trumpet with a lcd screen that allows for different presets like a synth…but Iol I SERIOUSLY thought that thing was a little electric trumpet that you just maybe blew into with a tube or that didnt need any blowing, and just digitally used the four buttons to allow someone to play it like a regular trumpet, AND which allows the user to PRACTICE the trumpet without having to bring big trumpet and case with them!

    DUDE My mind just invented this! And i hope someone makes a kickstarter for a mini digital trumpet that looks just like the device at 4:59 but imagine a little mini synth and the four buttons allow someone to make different notes, haha hey you could even have a digital clarinet, a digital sax, m,ake a digital version of every instrument or better yet if THIS one thing could allow someone to practice a wide range of instruments, that would be an even better device…like the horn version of the eigenharp..but for now just imagine that hand exercise tool as a little mini digital trumpet that allowed any trumpet player to practice their trumpet skills, haha you could even have a little speaker or better yet HEADphone jack to allow someone to put headphones on to hear the trumpet noises made by pressing down the four buttons, and it could have a little lcd screen with an up and down select and back buttons to allow the selection of different synth effects for the trumpet, and a little function to record a song made with the device…maybe add a little tube that just sensed airflow to allow someone to use their mouth to play but also have a mode where its just using your 4 fingers to allow anyone to practice trumpet anywhere

  5. safer lock is absolutely worthless.. you'd just cut the bottle open of you wanted the contents that bad.. not to mention say I'd the actual owner was in dire need, may not have time for combination

  6. Those Bud Straps are the SHIZNIT!!! How incredible and simplistic. Goes to show that you don't need some incredibly amazing expensive product to be absolutely outstanding. Whoever made these straps is a genius!! While all these other companies are trying to avoid the problem with headphone chords by creating wireless eadbuds, flat cable headphones, sweat resistant wires, ect, ect…..This company took it upon themselves to solve the issue with ALL chorded headphones!! I've never seen something so simple, but yet so effective. They get an A+++ in my book 🙂

  7. They need a lock that has a timer so you can't open a prescription bottle until 4 hours or so has passed


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