5 Bike Gadgets for Cycling in 2017

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INTRO SONG: Ahrix-Nova [NCS Release]

0:10 Parkis – http://parkis.eu/
1:29 Nutlock – https://nutlock.co/
4:21 Parax – http://parax.de/en/home/
7:53 Effigear – https://www.effigear.com/
8:47 Recchie – http://www.mrwolf.bike/

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Comment (42)

  1. What if thiefs invest in the nut lock? Oh wait they will have the spanner to unlock your wheel and take, it and yes you guessed it in under a minute, what a awsome idea… not…..

  2. parkis…. LOL its been around for years it's called a hook you pleb, nutlock lol it's not even locked next one just use a pipe wrench. wow fuck me they are all very shit…….. why bother???

  3. Number one sucks it’s expensive and you could just get something on Amazon for a lot cheaper it showed a lot of mountain bikers in the commercial but it said several times that it takes no physical strength but mountain biking does so it’s kind of pointless and the end it said it’s fine what’s fun about leaning your bike up against the wall with some weird machine thing and you could always just get three dollar clip from Amazon

  4. US Bullshit, just something to sale for no result… again and again and again… It looks like people never stop to be stupid.
    And… omg, the direk…. is it a joke ? The young babies are really talking about "design", and "concet", and…. wait, wait wait…. "teeeechnology! "… is it a kind of nightmare ?
    2 possibilities: 1/ they are to much stupid, 2/ they are thinking that you are more stupid than them…
    Well… are you funking serious ?

  5. 2:19 not if you just carry a medium sized chain that fits around both frame and wheel.
    All I've ever needed and, never had anything happen to my bike when left unattended
    and, its an Ebike to boot lol
    Sorry people, but i hate fluff like this. you will still need a lock to secure the bike frame anyhow lol
    plus prob costs more than a decent chain and lock combined.

    OH and "nutlock" did you know its illegal to to drink and ride so suggesting to pop a beer is not a great move .


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