5 Dog Gadgets You Should Have

5 Gadgets and Gizmos for dogs

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#5. Petspeak➡ http://www.mypetspeak.com/
#4. Buddy➡ http://www.squeakerdogs.com/
#3. CleverPet➡ http://getcleverpet.com/
#2. Dogtellingent➡ http://www.dogtelligent.com/
#1. I fetch➡ http://amzn.to/2CeRB3K


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1) Have you ever wondered what was on your dog’s mind? Wouldn’t it be convenient if your dog can just talk to you?
but now there is a gadget that will help you do just that.

Petspeak is a dog translator that can make your dog talk.Using this revolutionary gadget and its accompanying smartphone app, you and your puppies can now communicate through voice and text.

Petspeak contains a three-axis accelerometer that reads your dog’s body motions and creates a motion profile of his actions and mannerisms, it works with all kind of dog breeds and size, an even German shepherd.

Petspeak is the best dog gift on the market.it gives your puppy a voice, it is one of the most exciting gadgets a dog owner could have.

2) When you own a dog, they are constantly on your mind. Are they safe? Have they escaped or destroyed the house? With Squeaker’s Buddy collar, you can set your mind at ease.

The Buddy dogs collar contains a GPS tracker, motion sensors to monitor your puppies activities, and a beautiful multicolored LED light band to make him more visible at night.

With cool features such as the “geofence”, you can set an area around your home on the smartphone app which will notify you if your dog escapes or is stolen while monitoring their location via GPS.

3) Ever feel guilty for leaving your puppies by themselves when you go to work or to a friend’s house?

Ever wonder how bored or lonely they get the longer you’re away?

With the CleverPet, your animal can stay engaged and entertained for hours.

Using technology carefully crafted with dog neuroscience in mind, the CleverPet creates a series of games your dog can quickly learn, which will reward him with a treat, this is a method widely used by a dog trainer.

First, your dog will learn that when he presses one of CleverPet’s three buttons, a treat will dispense. From there, this gadget will use change the game to where only the button that lights up dispenses the treat.

From there, the patterns will become more complex, but not too complex for your dogs to pick up.

CleverPet is the best dog gadget and activity monitor on the market, your furry friend will never be bored and you can work or visit friends without guilt.

4) Our canines need collars – they hold important information and show our ownership and bond with our animals. However, what if that collar could do more?

The DogTelligent GPS dog collar is one of the most crucial gadgets for any pet owner, combining activity monitoring, innovative training tools, and GPS tracker.

The Connected Collar acts as a virtual leash, using inaudible ultrasonic frequencies and a vibrating simulated leash tug when your pup leaves a predetermined zone, whether at home or in the park.

The collar also contains ultrasonic whistles to gently and humanely discipline your animal for incidents such as random barking.

If lost, not only can you track your best friend with a GPS tracker, but speak to him using built-in speakers connected to the smartphone app.

It even provides notifications of upcoming vet visits and stats on your puppy’s health.

5).With iFetch, automatic ball thrower for dogs, your little pooch will wear out long before it does.

This unique dog toy features a small tennis ball perfect for the mouths of smaller animals and a wide opening in which you can drop the ball inside or train your animal to do on their own.

The machine then shoots the ball out anywhere from ten to thirty feet depending on the setting.

With the automated technology and operation so simple you can train your dog to use it, the iFetch is the perfect playmate for your puppies.

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  1. can someone give me the actuall link to the buddy collar because it isn't they're or is it seriously the prototype and same with dogtelligent i dont get it

  2. So I was watching this video and at around 5 min there is the dog dish with the buttons. If you connect, wifi, a heart monitor, and the ability to send that data, you could use the same training system to save lives of older dog companions (people). Heart monitor detecting irregular patterns would make the light flash and the dog receiving the treat would transmit the monitor data to medical responders.

  3. Introducing the Roomba. Hours of entertainment for your dog and the internet. it also picks up your dog's hair because it sheds like crazy. And the best part is it does all this while you lie on the couch.

  4. Please make one of those for our wives. Make sure it has an integrated camera, since no idea where they keep sneaking around all the time a few years down the normal marriage path.


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