5 Gadgets Every MAN Should Have

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Here are the best 5 gadgets every men must and should have. These are extremely useful in the daily life. The links for these products are given below. All the gadgets and stuffs are specially for mens. Guys, its time to go shopping.

*****5 Gadgets Every MAN Should Have (2017) : https://youtu.be/phUAfcAORCk

MyKee: http://amzn.to/2aYL6Hk
Sensoria: http://amzn.to/2aQqPmT
Coin: https://onlycoin.com/ Alternative: http://bit.ly/2rYMMa2
Carbon Evo: http://www.vanacci.com/collections/carbon-wallets
Travellr: http://bit.ly/2mvYrJv

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Comment (38)

  1. The first one ??!? Really usefull to have the data of all your cards on your phone when someone hack's or breaks into your phone ??!?!!

  2. The super credit card guy is casey neistat as fuck.. i can appreciate taking inspiration but damn this is prettymuch how casey would've done it except casey might have switched the pace out more which i'd appreciate..

  3. None. NONE of these products are for MEN. This is just a bunch of bullshit for spoiled bitches that want to have a dick but don't.

  4. The first one, coin, looks like the Only one that increases efficiency and is incredibly useful. The rest are garbage. The travel case looks great, but I need the whole top to open, not just a small sliver opening. The heart rate monitor looks cool, but the video was people jumping around, not really showcasing what the product can actually do. It looks like it would fall off in real life.

  5. 1. Obsolete in Europe, because most things work with Chip&PIN, which you can't copy … and which is the whole point, and why swipingis so damn insecure. I do agree that I hate all those cards. I want them in my phone
    2. Great, they invented the swiss army knife, only worse. I get that it's supposed to be a key, but it has an open blade, which will probably cut my pants.
    3. stylish, but I hate plastic cards (see 1)
    4. A sensor on the foot? What's so special about that? I don't get that.
    5. LOL, a hipster bag for my razor? From hipsters for hipsters. I'm not a hipster.

  6. Lol y would u use a "thing" to open up a can!!! A pepsi or something… All sick startups who thinks they can make money… Lol
    Screwed shit!

  7. Sensoria… Wearable… Another piece of ***t.. How could someone waste such a lot of money… People have a lot money I guess… Lol!!! Fooling people for s***!!


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