5 Home Gadgets Every Home MUST Have

Curiosity: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoiP8TFsPUoRCB3PS51Ji8Q/videos

● Links to all Inventions Shown in this Video [Show More]
Qube http://igg.me/at/qube-smarthome/x/11566579
Dolfi http://igg.me/at/dolfi
Paragon https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/paragon-induction-cooktop/
Mars www.crazybaby.com
Lark-Wi http://www.lark-wi.com/
● Secret Link of the Day https://goo.gl/oHFN1C

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  1. wave dolphi clothes cleaner , hmm wonder for them to make millions , is that was the sound waves that killed so many whales , because the sound waves scared a lot of fish if any one recalls . sad for others just to make a dallars what they will sacrifice in science

  2. can dolfi wash a dozen of clothes or more?
    qube seems good
    i love mars!!! but can i use headphone with it???

  3. dont You know how unhealthy or even poisonous it would be to put anything in a plastikbag and then cook that bag in Water Do you want to kill us all ???

  4. that house would like living in a swedish nightmare. but, i would enjoy wearing that apron and being able to cook with no ingredients in sight that might make a kitchen look, you know, like a kitchen.

  5. The Canary security system would make a good addition to this list. You just plug it in and connect it to the internet and you can monitor your home from your phone. It tracks temperature changes, motion, etc. and includes a video feed. http://amzn.to/2bfed8w

  6. Yeah, um… Qube, we need to have a 'lil chat. Don't notify me if I leave my lights on OK? Do you think I need to hear how much more of a loser I am from a robot? Do me a favor, just STFU and turn my damn lights off for me.

  7. I believe that the Dolfie works on the same principal as the ultrasonic devises they have used for years to clean jewelry.(most common example I can think of quickly but I am sure there are hundreds of others) but it is as shown uses sound waves at multiple frequencies which creates differences in the pressure of the water at different layers which creates cavitation . this is basically water boiling due to low pressure in these layers (formed by the sound pressure) , as the bubbles boil so to speak they explode and create a blasting force or jet, that removes the particles from the fabric.. I do not know if they actually try to find natural frequencies of the materials in order to create and use some type of vibration as well as the water characteristics used. This is far from magic, more like clever. Go and look at some videos and explanations of cavitation on boat propellers and this type of problem and failures. This will be very helpful as you will see these bubbles formed by pressure are as I said actually water boiling (again at very low temps due to the difference in the pressures). This "phenomenon" is powerful enough to destroy alloyed boat propellers so to say that it could not remove some mustard from silk or something like that may be naive. That said I do not think it would work as advertised due to the fact of the stuff you wash off that floats, you have to pull the clothes right back through it, or drain it so it can lay on your clothes on the bottom of the sink. There may still be something to be said for the good old spin cycle and what I suppose may be a centrifugal force based water removal system that is incorporated on the old Maytag haha Not bullcrap or magic just some science!

  8. 3:25 I like how with Dolfi when they say you can take it anywhere they show clips of the middle of nowhere in Africa. Like no worries I got the Dolfi so now I just need to find a socket and some fresh water???

  9. Show us how good dolfi works after you just shat your drawers! …. not that I would need to really know, just sayin' for demonstration purposes. Plus … what happens when it loses it's waterproof seal over time and it isn't plugged into a GFCI outlet? …. OUCH, that's gonna hurt!


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