5 Must-Have Car Gadgets on Amazon

5 Must-Have Car Gadgets on Amazon
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*** List of Car Gadgets on Amazon ***
5 – Belkin https://goo.gl/imOZEx
4 – Commute-Mate https://goo.gl/nUkB67
3 – GoSafe https://goo.gl/mFDg55
2 – FOBO https://goo.gl/7SZgL5
1 – Pearl RearVision https://goo.gl/71MmXG

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5 Must-Have Car Gadgets on Amazon

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Comment (31)

  1. I can't believe all these NEW product only connects to iPhone 4, so sad I can't use these NEW gadgets. I think I need a 40$ iPhone4s from ebay.

  2. the last one for 500 bucks….really…camera + battery + OBD plug…and then supply ur own smartphone…come on

  3. What a waste for air pressure monitor. Just inspect tires before traveling and or if you drive car enough you will know when car doesn't handle right. Take change to gas station and fill up the tire and save hundreds

  4. I agree not everyone needs a new car and when buying base models they almost never come with tpms I also think new cars are just as much of a hassle as old ones in some cases

  5. i have a 2003 audi a4 that does the exact same thing as fobo and the play pause button. i dont know what century this vdeo was made in

  6. Hmmmm… bluetooth, backup cam, tire pressure sensors, a place to put your phone.. cars built after 2005 already have all of these features. Useless video

  7. The first one is so stupid your plugging it into the aux and charger why not just plug ur phone into those?

  8. LMAO Fobo tire. So you need that even your jaguar have a built-in tire pressure monitoring system that let's you know you have low air when you get in the car?


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