5 Raspberry Pi Gadgets


5: SmartiPi Touch – http://kck.st/208I0Qj
4: indieGO – http://kck.st/22szfoe
3: Pi PoE Switch HAT – http://kck.st/1SFR5zj
2: GoPiGon – http://bit.ly/1R1A3Mg
1: BrickPi – http://bit.ly/1PUpdZw

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  1. Number 1: He's half asleep, boring asf and definitely should get sued by Lego. Thank me for my support? You ain't getting my support, your product is shit.

    Number 2: Sooo let's just say ALL the game console companies should sue for possible illegal use of their BIOS'. I doubt they went to each company and asked for the rights to and a copy of each BIOS. Also let's just download a PNG of a TV screen and overlay some video clips of games, because that tooootally shows the actual product in action, and I tooootally believe said product actually works!

    Number 3: Okay gingernut, you didn't invent the Ethernet cable. Another guy who needs to be sued, I'm starting to see a pattern here. Technology has evolved, but clearly this excludes your microphone. Oh yay, another 3D animation where they don't know how to properly set up motion paths for the camera! I'd rather just imagine it. As for "this simple gesture", it's already a reality – you just did it! Duh.

    Number 4: Just why?! Never heard of a joystick? You move the mouse forward and the thing moves backwards… where does that logic come from? Thanks for all the information about what on Earth your product actually is and what its applications are.

    Number 5: Lego, you have a 2nd person to sue! Also 'hackers always wear a hood indoors' cliché! Attempted humor at the end: MASSIVELY failed.

    Summary: Just… just no.

  2. the lego part is a joke what is it for kid's i would get it for a car computer but the lego part get rid or that really what you thinking legos what does a kid really know about how to use a pi anyway i cant imagine a kid setting up a cluster or a server

  3. I put my badly infected computer into a local shop – i checked if they were Microsoft certified as i have been plagued with hijackers both physically and virtually..I have spent 6 years trying to get out of this mess. I learn lots but still no further in getting rid of the hijackers.

    Yes, sorry i am jumping here as my every keystroke is recorded and i get shut off from what i am doing..The technician not only put me an out of date Windows OS when i asked for the Full Windows 10 64 pro. As well as spending an hour telling him how my system was badly infected as well as the USB's and keyboard/mouse (HID)

    This man company put a load of spyware, camera arduino, a recorder, a hot plug ready for gaming, all the recording codecs. He also filed in the 'Event Viewer' reporting back that i was intentionally not letting my system communicate. At the same time the events were filled in by two computers that were not mine. He also created multiple accounts making himself owner. I paid £200 for goods i never received. He will not communicate with me..

    I am going to get in touch with the police as this is a local shop and i feel i must protect others from con men like him..My carer advised that i see Citizens Advice Bureau, but now i have so much proof i need to report this to police..

    I get redirected, forced to be on local computer, on remote computer.I constantly see my pc on gaming sites while i look up links to try get to the bottom of this hijacking

    Any advice would be much appreciated

  4. I have one of these- it came without the LEGO connector you see on front (just flat black plastic) and its camera holder gets in the way of the ribbon cable.

  5. I feel like anyone who actually uses an rPi would hate this video. TL;DW:

    1- Cool, I guess. Adding Legos, sure, why not. Guy in the video seems thrilled about it.

    2- Wow, you added RetroPie and OSMC in a box? Revolutionary.

    3- Actually could be useful, you should just probably mention that you need PoE injection before advertising your product as an all-in-one sorta thing.

    4- After what seems like a lifetime of watching a dull robot being controlled by a mouse, I still have no idea what that product is.

    5- Cool, I guess? I like Lego Mindstorm.

  6. The 3rd one I would buy. They obviously know what they are doing. The second is shit. Why would I want to buy retropie with a disc drive?

  7. WOW, so much hate about the guy and his personality (he doesn't come with the product when you buy it you know?!?) i bet everyone who commented and diss'ed are perfect examples of the human animal (toxic) The idea is sound whatever the hell its made of, If its that bad, dont slag it off, get off your cynical butts and DO BETTER. simple. leave the guy alone, at least he's doing something with his life instead of trolling YouTube vids (sad).
    Good Job man. Mines in the post .
    P.S The Vid was intended for Kick starter originally, not YouTube, so it wasn't acted out for you lot, just for people who were looking for the next big thing and not the next personality. just saying

  8. Why do all these productions have so much bass in them? I can't listen very loud because the bass wakes everyone.


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