5 Self Defence Gadgets You Must Have [2017 Edition]

These are the 5 Self Defence Gadgets You Must Have. Which one would you buy for your loved ones? Tell us in the comments below.

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Featured Self Defence Gadgets:
ZAP Blast Knuckles- https://goo.gl/GaQ92t
Taser Pulse- https://goo.gl/2EFZvv
Sabre Red- https://www.sabrered.com/
Tiger Lady- https://www.tigerlady.com/
The Defender- https://igg.me/at/theDefender/x
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Comment (26)

  1. down right useless not as useless and weak as modern boys but this debate is long over and been tested over and over again,strongest taser was nowhere near even a commn spray i wont even mention the others.lookin cute do deliver damage but will not save u and cps as useless as they are u might even turn ut t be guiklty one,type in yutube check fr urselves,spray beats any

  2. In Australia, there isn't much of ANYTHING that couldn't be considered a weapon, land you in PRISON! Not only would I only live in the USA, but my state, thank GOD is also a STAND YOUR GROUND state. Ef the LEFT.

  3. I just thought about an invention. Might sound funny but it might work. The device is installed inside the vaginal someway I'm not sure but engineers could figure that part. But as the rapist tries to stick his wee wee. Its zaps it cold to the point it damages that organ permanently. Sounds stupid but it'll sure help those who are really vulnerable in poor city's like India s rape continues to skyrocket and so is other places

  4. For those of you who can carry legally here in the US If you are going to use a non lethal weapon you better have a lethal as a back up. Countless times cops have used tasers/pepper spray with little to no effect. Suspects were either amped up on drugs or dressed with thick clothing. Probes do not penetrate or fail to connect at the proper spread form each other to ensure a good enough jolt. That said, please ensure you get the proper training with these weapons. Stay safe/frosty out there folks. Its a crazy world were living in and its only getting crazier. Wishing all a safe holiday season/prosperous new year.!!


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