5 Short Lived TV Shows Based on Horror Movies

Top 5 horror movie TV series adaptations that were cancelled too soon.
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Some horror movies have gone from the big screen to the small screen, such as ‘Psycho’ and ‘Silence of the Lambs’. However, those weren’t the only films brought to our televisions. From a TV show based on Freddy Kruger to others that were cancelled due to low ratings, these are 5 short-lived TV series based on horror films.✔


https://goo.gl/N0dkeH “Freddy’s Nightmares”
https://goo.gl/NB6zr4 “Eight Episodes of Freddy’s Nightmares That are Shockingly Good”
https://goo.gl/SZ9umY “Freddy’s Nightmares — Episode Breakdowns”
https://goo.gl/XDLVsM “Freddy’s Nightmares – Intro (HD)”

https://goo.gl/25KJqS “Tremors (TV series)”
https://goo.gl/Bjnsln “Tremors: The Series”

https://goo.gl/D4dHQX “Flashback: THE TOXIC CRUSADERS”
https://goo.gl/q5dory “The Toxic Avenger (film)”
https://goo.gl/wk52ME “Toxic Crusaders”
https://goo.gl/XQeBkC “The Toxic Avenger (1984) – Trailer”

https://goo.gl/9wxN1S “Blade TV Series Premier”
https://goo.gl/EPAbVj “Blade”
https://goo.gl/zxdjUE “Blade: The Series”
https://goo.gl/SBH0Qu “Blade (film series)”

https://goo.gl/YuVEUo “The Little Shop of Horrors”
https://goo.gl/fKmNS0 “Little Shop”
https://goo.gl/pVxise “Little Shop (IMDb)”


CO.AG Music: https://goo.gl/hZ2dWe “Chill Out Ambient Background Music – Reflections”


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