5 Tech Gadgets Under $30

5 gadgets that cost under $30…but are any of them worth it?
Mini Xbox One Controller on Amazon: http://austin.tech/minixbox
Sony MDR-ZX110 headphones on Amazon: http://austin.tech/sonyzx110
Corsair Katar mouse on Amazon: http://austin.tech/katar
ZTE Maven 2 on Amazon: http://austin.tech/maven
Roku Express on Amazon: http://austin.tech/rokuexpress
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Doritos on Amazon: http://austin.tech/guardiansdoritos

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  1. I had those headphones before and they broke in a week. After that I got headphones for 15 bucks and after 2 months they still work and are more confterbole then the old ones. Check out the silver crest headphones.

  2. My normal PowerA controller I use for PC is great. It feels the same if not better quality than the normal Xbox One controller.

  3. The sony MDR series wasn't too bad though. I had the mdr-xb for a long time until the sliding mechanism broke and I couldn't use them anymore…and because of that air cushion they were comfy af

  4. I am trying not to super smart guy that corrects everything if a $30 phone is 120th the price of a flagship that means a flagship is $3,600 kind of miss leading


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