6 Hi-Tech Gadgets & Inventions WILL BLOW YOUR MIND

6 Hi Tech Gadgets & Inventions WILL BLOW YOUR MIND
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6- Illuminated wall Lumes – Lumes glowing panel that enliven an ordinary wall in any room : https://goo.gl/gS2ReU

5- Gita, the Personal Autonomous Delivery Robot : https://goo.gl/gjInw8

4- Japan Dome House : https://goo.gl/V4E7

3- Braeön – World’s Strongest and Most Adaptable Material : https://goo.gl/V3TzpL

2- Muzo – State of the Art Vibration Monitoring System : https://goo.gl/8PJprD

1- AirJack – Bluetooth for any audio device : https://goo.gl/RCvQsv
Music Includes :

– Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com

– www.bensound.com

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Comment (5)

  1. I really like the airjack, just set up your tunes and move around the house as you please, something I would use.
    Gita for my tackle box.
    Wall lumes for partying.
    Dome houses really good idea.
    Braeon brilliant idea in so many ways.
    muzo would be nice if it could be reversed so it cancels out the noise you are making so that it puts up a sound barrier on your side of the wall for you to be able to crank up your music without disturbing any one else.


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