7 Amazing New Car Accessories You Must Have|| Cool Car Gadgets On Amazon In 2018

7 Amazing New Car Accessories You Must Have|| Cool Car Gadgets On Amazon In 2018
All Great Car Accessories With Amazing Discount offer :


1. Lanmodo Car Tent, Automatic Car Umbrella Tent


2. Cattini Mammut Lifting bags


## Simplex
Air Lifting Bags – 10.8 ton air lift bag


3. Handpresso 127015 12V Auto Hybrid


4. Bestrix Magnetic Phone Holder For Car Air Vent, Super Strong Maget, Elegant & Luxury design for iPhone X,8/7/6/6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8/S9/Plus & All Smartphones & Mini Tablets


5. Mophorn Pneumatic Jack 3 Ton Triple Bag Air Jack Lifting Height 18Inch Pneumatic Air Jack 6600LBS Capacity Extremely Fast Lifting Action (3 Ton)


6. AwareGPS OBD 3G GPS Service with FREE month of Service, Vehicle Tracking Device, Car GPS and GPS System APAAS1P1


7. Amprobe AT-7000 Advanced Wire Tracer



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Comment (25)

  1. Is it just me, I can live without any of these hokey gadgets. A portable car tent? Seriously? That'll never replace my attached garage, and I rarely leave my car anywhere else for long. If the birds crap on my car, I can ' wash it off '. It isn't rocket science. As for the rest of those things, Good God, a coffee maker in the car?? Maybe if you're that nuts about coffee ,,,, maybe. If I really need coffee in the car I can either buy some on the go or just make a big insulated travel mug full before I leave the house. Don't need a cell phone holder either, I have a ' wife '. This ' wife ' will make the call for me or do whatever needs to be done on the phone all without my involvement. I really could live without any of these things. The only reason I'm saying anything at all is because the video title says accessories " YOU MUST HAVE ". I actually thought I might find something totally useful here and I'm very disappointed that I didn't. I think ' inventions world ' is getting a kickback for this or they are just too easily impressed. Guys, get out of the house more, talk to people, life isn't as difficult as you seem to think.

  2. I think an OBD2 scan tool is more useful than most of them. Search for Bluetooth obd2 on amazon and get a quality one for less than $30 which may save you hundreds or even thousands some day.

  3. Not a single "cool" or "amazing" gadget there, certainly nothing i want or "must have". The last one wasn't even a car accessory. I can pick major faults in all of them and a couple of them have been used for years, so hardly "New" either.
    Another pointless video, congratulations.


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