8 Turkish Foods Worth Traveling For…

I spent a few hours in Istanbul, Turkey, Eating and Shopping for the best Turkish Foods out there. Stumbled upon my friend Emir, who is a talented coppersmith, and he shared a few secret places. Keep your eyes peeled as there’s a Geeky Turkish Food Haul coming. Emir’s copper/silver cooking ware brand :
His YouTube Channel :
The event I was in Turkey for is called #BrandWeek.

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My Favorite Cooking / Baking ware
Cheesecloth :
Non stick cooling rack :
Silicon pastry mat :
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls :
Baker’s Half Sheet Tray :
Small kitchen scale :
Non-contact Digital infrared thermometer :
Lodge Cast Iron Skillet :
Digital Food Cooking Thermometer

Canon 70D Camera :
Canon 10-18mm Vlogging lens :
Sigma 18-35mm 1.4 all around Food Lens :
Canon 100mm Macro Food Lens :
Rode VideoMic Pro (microphone) :
Mini tripod :
Bigger tripod :
Gorillapod Flexible :
My Smartphone with a good lens :

You want to Help everyone understand that F* French ??
Submit your own subtitle in any language here :

Music by Phreakdaprof

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I am thinking of making an über cool cookbook, so if you are interested, drop me a line there :

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  1. "Salut" guys 😀 ! Just to let you know a few things besides this video, which will probably make it easier to understand my point :
    – I've been to Turkey and to Istanbul a few times in the past, like a while ago. I've already experienced so many foods there including but not limiting to Doner (spinning roast), balik ekmek (fish sandwich), Kokorec (tripes) etc…
    – Here I wanted to showcase something a bit different, as I felt like those foods had been extensively covered over on YouTube. But as you guys seemed to be expecting them, I might make a dedicated episode next time !
    – Food has many faces, and Culture is one of them. Highlighting that statement was my main goal here ( also gave me a good excuse to binge on foods while traveling for work haha )

  2. I love your videos and this one in particular was a nice change from the usual videos about Turkish food. If you ever come to New England, let me know. I will take you to a few places you can't miss, but likely can't find without a local.

  3. Why not come to Canada as a French person you already know good cuisine but no one has really ever given Canadian cuisine a review. I would love to see a video about Canada with you reviewing the food!

  4. Salut Alex!
    I just watched your Chicken Tikka Massala Video and have an answer for your Wish of French inspired dishes.
    The Vietnamese cuisine have some French influence and you maybe should try Phò.
    Just a Tipp. 😉

  5. Hey alex,
    one thjng I missed in your videos was that you rather showed the foods in terms of ingredients instead of trying to eat at the local store. I would suggest you to take a stroll around the city with the app foursquare. It‘s basically a restaurant finder and a friend of mine said they ate very good food and visited beautiful places thanks to it

  6. Salut Alex! man i just gotta say I'm new here and I am loving your vids there are inspiring me to cook again and experiment with foods, spices, herbs, breads and all the stuff in between. I just wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart I've been really low these past few months and i really didn't know what to do but finding you has made my life so much better i feel alive again in the kitchen and that how it's suppose to be! i can not thank you enough my brother keep doing you!

    Ps loving this new style of vid

    Pps your probably never gonna see this but i just had to share it you know and if you are reading it thank you again!

  7. Hi Alex,
    In this video like in few others on your channel, you have mistakenly set the automatic subtitles to "french" instead of "english" , and since you're speaking english it doesn't work well.
    I'm probably not the only hearing impaired among your suscribers who rely on them, so FYI , i guess its not much effort to set it right.

  8. Turkish subtitles are done! Hope I did a good work. I wish I was able to meet with you here in Turkey but at least you had a very cool friend here who showed some of the best Turkish food to you! Best wishes, see you and görüşmek üzere!


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