A group of kids cover Metallica in a shopping center

A group of kids cover Metallica in a shopping center

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  1. “4 Brothers rocking Real Music with Real Instruments and none of the computer generated crap that pollutes the airwaves daily…”

    Well, you’ll definitely appeal to 30+’ers 😉

    It’s nice to see that music still brings people together, sometimes I feel that “being able to do it all on your own” caters to an odd narcissism that’s infecting music, but … then again I also get mad when kids play in my yard….


  2. Okay is nobody going to address the sketchy exchange with the blonde and hooded guy at the start of the video? She takes a bag, then goes back and tells the guy to sit down, takes a second bag, and then they both walk off in seperate directions. Seriously what was that?

  3. If your parents are pretty well off then this is probably one of the best investments they could make knowing their kids are talented instead of spoiling them with superficial shit. Hats off.

  4. Quality. The girl joining the singing was well done, my favorite moment.

    But he didn’t do the “nothing else matterrrrrHURLS” from the original. Mild disappointment there.

  5. This is really cool until you bounce around their YouTube channel for a minute and realize they’re four brothers… and that Dad (or Mom) is behind the camera running the show. Don’t get me wrong, these kids are talented. Super talented for their age. But I’ve seen one too many YouTube families to realize that a lot of these kids have been bred to do what they’re doing, and part of me thinks it’s nothing more than an advanced form of child abuse. Even when it’s music. Fuck. *Especially* when it’s music. I’ve never seen a group of kids so unhappy to be playing “The Rock Show” by Blink 182 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNwCvEXji04

    Like I said, it’s not that they’re not talented. They are. But you kind of get the idea that this is the conversation going on behind the camera:

    *Dad: OKAY, CUT, CUT, CUT.*

    *Dad: KEVIN.*

    *Kevin: …yeah, Dad?*

    *Dad: What the fuck was that?*

    *Kevin: I was just playing the –*

    *Dad: You were playing what, Kevin? What were you playing? Is that what they want to see on Idol?*

    *Kevin: I’m sorry, I was just –*

    *Dad: I said is that what they want to see on Idol, Kevin?*

    *Kevin: …no, Dad.*

    *Jason: Dad, I’m hungry.*

    *Dad: Dinner is for winners, Jason. Now let’s take it from the top.*

    For me personally, music was an outlet because I didn’t fit in growing up and I was picked on a lot. It’s cliche, but it’s the truth. You develop this deep, personal connection with artists through their lyrics and music. And, especially as an adolescent, you feel like they understand you like no one else does. I remember the first time I heard Maggot Brain by Funkadelic and when that opening note gets bent up, I felt like a window was opened to my soul. Like Marley said, “when music hits you, you feel no pain.” Again, it’s cliche, but it’s the truth.

    Eventually, I learned to play guitar. And I found a few other neighborhood kids — in the trudges of suburban America — and we started a band. That band never went anywhere, but it was still some of my favorite times growing up.

    I guess the point is that, to me, it’s really, really sad to see a bunch of kids playing music who really seem to dislike that they’re doing it. It’s the antithesis of what music is supposed to be about.

  6. I find it funny how every guitar player that I’ve seen perform N.E.M, lifts his head up to look around after the first into solo. It’s so specific and always done in the same fashon…


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