A tablet that folds to the size of a phone

A tablet that folds to the size of a phone

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  1. Cool but I don’t think that screen is going to last very long.

    You can see when he folds it and then unfolds it again that it distorts where the seam is.

    This will be cool once they have a few years to work out the kinks and reliability.

  2. I love it in folded mode. I love how the camera shows the person who’s picture is being taken what they look like so they can pose and whatnot. I love the around-the-edge screen.

    But when it’s unfolded in tablet mode, it looks ugly. That distortion on the fold, it would drive me nuts.

  3. I read this as “A table that folds to the size of a phone” and I skipped through the video to look for the amazing invention. Just came to the comments and was utterly disappointed in myself.

  4. THIS IS A CONCEPT for fuck sake. All the damn armchair experts in the comments is just cringe. All of a sudden every one with a phone is an expert in technology, so expert that they can’t tell the difference between a concept and a release product and feel the need to tell everyone what they think of it. Nobody cares.

    Enjoy it for what it is, a sneak peak into future technology.

  5. Thought it said table that folds to the size of a phone, and was disappointed that it was a tablet

    I liked the idea of a table that could fold down and still be sturdy

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  7. I read that as, “a table that folds into the size of a pbone,” and would have been much more impressed. This was, however, impressive. Flexible screens are only a beginning.

  8. I saw this concept first at Samsung event. And that was in 2013, which was way more enchanced in tech and build, like it could roll the screen completely. It had the bending feature but worked without touch ability (i think).

    Although i dont understand why they haven’t brought any products with that breakthrough tech?

  9. Super cool and all. Love the concept. Quick question: can we focus on having a battery that will last longer than a fucking day without having to haul a power pack with us everywhere we go? I would love a phone that I could fold up and wear as a watch, but unless we can wirelessly charge to the point of walking in your house and your phone autocharges in your pocket or we can manufacture a battery that lasts forever, I don’t care about this tech as much.


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