Adam Savage On Why Mythbusters Ended

Adam Savage On Why Mythbusters Ended

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  1. In a way it’s refreshing that Adam does all the videos with Tested now, because there’s essentially no time limits compared to being on cable. They can put out a 30 minute or hour long video on just one build and actually show all the detail.

  2. I think the ratings dropped because the target audience were predominantly cord cutters, and the next generation of fans were already used to watching the condensed versions on youtube without all the fat.

  3. But Discovery didn’t let the Mythbusters end. They did a whole series about finding the new Mythbusters called…. MythBusters: The Search. Which is kind of funny because they ended up picking Asian Adam and Bearded Jamie to replace them. Which they’re season is coming this fall.

    Which I doubt that they will do well. Since, It seems they’re more focused on building stuff and explosions than actual myth busting. Then again, the later seasons of Mythbusters were like that too. Yet, which is what caused the decline in views. I think Discovery is gonna beat the living shit out of the show until it’s dead. I wish they could’ve just let the show die peacefully.

  4. The show lost viewers because people were fed up with monotonous shitty filler broken only by advertisements. Also their pattern of introducing every experiment then showing the result at the very end got boring fast.

  5. In my opinion, Mythbusters went on for too long. They stopped doing myths after 2 or 3 seasons and switched to “Betcha this will blow up good!”.


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