Adult Jokes in Kids TV Shows


Joke explanations:

SpongeBob (Intro) – Weiner (penis) blowing up (ejaculating) onto Mr Krabs’ face.

Tom and Jerry – Jerry licks the cream (semen) from Tom’s long cream donut. As Tom gets ready to blow into the end, his eyes roll back (orgasm). He then squirts the cream onto Jerry (ejaculate).

Postman Pat – A man gets close behind a bent over Postman Pat. He throws his head back and moans as he attempts to pull Pat out (orgasm).

Spongebob – The two children hold snowballs which are meant to be their snow mermaid’s breasts.

Sesame Street – “Going in the backdoor” is a euphemism for anal sex.

Gumball – “Popping your cherry” is a euphemism for losing your virginity.

Pinky and the Brain – Donner is one of Santa’s reindeers. Pinky says they should go to Donner’s Christmas party. Brain says he doesn’t want to join the The Donner Party. The Donner Party were a group of pioneers who ended up snowbound on a trek and had to eat each other to survive.

The Powerpuff Girls – The women sticks the Mayor’s pencil (penis) into the sharpener (vagina) and the Mayor moans (orgasm). The Mayor’s two fingers also act as testicles.

iCarly – “8=D” is a symbol used online to represent a penis.

Maya the Bee – A penis has been carved into the log. The episode has since been updated without the carving. The studio is now taking legal action against the artist who put it there.



Song #1: The Pharcyde – Runnin’

Song #2: Frank Ocean – Biking (feat. Jay Z & Tyler, The Creator)

Song #3: Kanye West – Family Business


Song #5: Kendrick Lamar – Rigamortis

Song #6: Nujabes – Lady Brown ft. Cise Starr

Song #7: Biggie Smalls – Notorious Thugs

Song #8: Nas – Get Down

Song #9: Wiley – Laptop

Song #10: Drake – Know Yourself


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