After learning about it on r/videos, my friends and I made a film about singing “Staying Alive” while performing CPR.

After learning about it on r/videos, my friends and I made a film about singing “Staying Alive” while performing CPR.

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  1. God this is some preachy shit… and like it was stated a few times in the comments, has nothing to do with the staying alive video other than to pull you in to watch OP’s “amazingly deep” video.

  2. You can use that part of the song too? In my class that I got CPR certified in school they told us just to stick to the “Ba ba ba ba staying alive staying alive ba ba ba…” and to just loop that.

  3. You’ve got a gem of an actor on your hands with that main dude, really impressed with him in particular. Should be said that he was working with great dialogue as well though!

    Fantastic short!

  4. I get what you’re trying to do and I can only assume you’re slightly put off or discouraged with some of the responses I’ve seen you get so far.

    Maybe criminals aren’t simply criminals and nothing more. Maybe prison isn’t the best place for someone with a good heart, someone we can argue has potential for rehabilitation. Maybe we need to rethink whether the punishment fits the crime for non-violent offenders.

    But how do you measure this, how do you reconcile one’s good deeds against their flaws. Surely, a good deed doesn’t simply wipe away their crimes, but should it be considered? If so, how much weight does it hold? How do we even begin to evaluate someone’s potential for goodness and their intentions? Isn’t even our “job” as a society to consider these things?

    I like the questions you’ve presented without overtly doing so.

  5. yeahhhhh if you’re stealing parts off my car i’m pretty sure i wan’t you prosecuted for it. what’s the point of the video? sassy black criminal saves little girls life and then makes the cops jobs much harder. (also pro-tip: do not use mouth to mouth if you are not a family member). also, all cops know cpr so why would they not take charge? also, if a doctor was there he would without a doubt perform the cpr. so many pointless additions here. it’s filmed well. good camera.

  6. Cool film. But the CPR was done incorrectly. I understand that it’s not the main point of the film, but it’s a bit cringey when the guy then berates the cops for not knowing how to conduct CPR, when he did such a poor job himself.

  7. I feel like this whole film is some sort of unrealistic fantasy by the writer. The cops were not very convincing and they wouldn’t just let him walk without his cuffs on all the way.


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