Apple under fire for allegations of controversial business practices

Apple under fire for allegations of controversial business practices

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  1. Good job you didn’t post this in r/apple or the pitchforks would be out in droves. That entire sub seems completely blind to any possibility that Apple has ever done anything wrong. It legitimately feels like a cult at times.

  2. Really nice to see Louis Rossmann getting more exposure. He’s been a lifesaver for those of us with simple problems on our Apple devices that don’t want to spend thousands on repairs.

  3. I have a barely-used Galaxy S7 where the right half of the screen doesn’t always update (no water/trauma damage, this happened after the phone restarted itself). Is there a website I could go to to find out how to repair something like this? I went to a local repair shop and they couldn’t fix it, but I’m not sure what their level of expertise was.

  4. I was kind of hoping this was a story about resellers getting preferential treatment from some Apple employees, and blatant fraud that Apple ignores from resellers. Instead it was a right to repair fluff piece.

    Know a lot of people that work at Apple. When they see those stickers triggered they stop everything about the actual functionality. They don’t have implied marching orders from any manager to upsell repairs. A few would admit to noticing the pin was out of place, but only a few that gave shit. And that can sometimes have to do with the customer’s attitude. But with the stickers triggered they can’t just fix the pin and send you on your way. Apple sees that as irresponsible.

  5. While I’m a fan of Louis Rossman’s work, I gotta be fair to Apple here in saying you can’t consistently train underpaid 20-somethings to spot and identify circuit board level issues with a trained eye that often take a career’s worth of training to be able to see in a minute and a half. Right to repair is important, you have choices as to where you get your device repaired. Sometimes you gotta just sit back and say well, if you can part a fool from his money, then good on you.

  6. The worst part is, i didnt notice it yesterday .. that mothertrucker removed the display from the list, in front of the costumer. He hoped that he could convince him by removing an expensive component. Thats dirty as fuck. Apple should get what they deserve and this guy for scamming a free time outside the city walls.

  7. Apple fanboys/girls have their heads too far up their own asses to even acknowledge this problem. Seriously, they have to be the most loyal and naive customer base on the planet and it has made apple rich.

  8. “… Manufacturers aren’t going to provide products differently to people in one jurisdiction, they wanna simplify their operations.”

    Weeeeeeeeeeell, Blizzard has done exactly this with Hearthstone and Overwatch. Belgium banned lootboxes, so they took it out of those specific jurisdictions, but are still in for everyone else. I know it’s a software vs hardware, so there may be some differences there. But his statement isn’t a 100% thing.

  9. Apple is a scumbag company that creates problems to sell a solution. They charge more money for an inferior product because idiots like the people who downvote this are willing to pay for it. They wont sell parts or allow people to repair their own devices. OMG what can we do?

    Stop buying their shit you stupid brainwashed fucks.

  10. Ok so… Let me get it straight.

    It’s 2018. Did Apple customers sleep under a rock on Mars, in the past years?

    Are you telling us that people still don’t know about these “business practices” at Apple? A company that sells overpriced USB cables and phone chargers? A company that glorifies animated emojis as a selling point for a new device?

    Please, tell me this is a joke.

  11. Nothing new, I’ve been warning people about them for a decade now. Their customers still buy their crap. Their target audience aren’t tech savvy people who do a lot of research or who like to repair their own devices. Their target audience buys them because they’re popular and trendy.

  12. How many times is this going to be posted?

    copypasta from another repost:


    There’s no way around this. Like 99% (if not more) users have the exact same experience bar RES so it’s already unlikely that you’d do this [repost] by accident, then even if it was a total accident you have to work around it to actually repost because /r/videos doesn’t like reposting. A cursory search would turn up the video. Here:

    “apple fix” turns it up straight away.

    here again:

    Searching the URL turns up like 10 of them.

    Then finally f you try and actually post it it won’t let you without workarounds.


    Fuck OP.

  13. For years I knew apple was crippling devices with software updates. I had a lovely iPad 3rd Generation and an iOS update absolutely destroyed the performance on it. The battery excuse is bullshit because the device still lasted almost as long as it did the day I got it.

    Planned obsolescence and the culture of throwing things away when the new model comes out.

    All of our graphics staff immediately starting complaining about how slow their macs were literally THE VERY DAY that the new iMac was released with the touch bar.

  14. The apple employee on the video was very reasonable.

    > These’s no cheaper way?

    > In terms of fixing it in the store, no.

    He is saying, ‘If you want a full repair we put our reputation behind, we have to replace all the damaged components’. He also hints that there might be other ways to fix it out of the store.

    Very reasonable really.

  15. The ‘bent pin’ causing the problem is either:

    * Caused by an issue in the manufacturing process. In the EU, apple needs to fix workmanship issues like that for 2 years.

    * Caused by in incorrect repair. Whoever did the previous repair should resolve the problem. If it can’t be established which previous repairer caused the issue, then it would be the customer who has to pay to do the repair.

  16. So many people in here are completely missing the bigger issue.

    It’s not about what Apple charge, it’s not about how they want to repair your device. It’s not about if they are trying to force you to buy a new device. None of that matters here because if Apple has their way, those are going to be your only option and you will have no recourse.

    The real issue here is Apple trying to stop people like Louis Rossmann from providing you a 3rd party repair option. If they can convince law makers, which they are actively doing, to change the law to stop people like Louis, you’re fucked and have to go through Apple.

    When that happens, you will have to play their price, you will have to have it repaired like they want, you will have to buy that new device.

    Fuck Apple yes but this is about right to repair, first and foremost.

  17. Apple has been like this for decades and people keep flocking to them like sheep. Their products are engineered and designed and holy crap I was just about to link Louis Rossman about Apple Products and bam… the show has him. I’ve been watching him for awhile on YT and Twitch and Apple Products blow. The idiotic shit you have to do to fix them because they are engineered to be like that.


    Another big problem are the rabidly insane “Apple fans” who constantly buy new products from them and then act like it’s an act of god when they show off about it. Also Steve Jobs being called a genius… give me a break.


  18. Apple could do more to make third-party repairs more approachable, but the case made in this video is not compelling.

    There is a big difference between capabilities of a Genius Bar employee and the independent repair man. The Genius Bar employee is only equipped to handle broad part swaps. He’s not going to dick around with a microscope looking for bent pins. He’s following a pretty small diagnosis and repair playbook, and for very good reasons

    1. The larger part replacement will assuredly fix the machine
    2. The part should last as if new, or until some external factor breaks it again.
    3. The genius employee knows exactly how to do this replacement, how much it will cost, how long it will take.
    4. What the indie repair man is doing is complex and apple would have to pay significantly more to train and staff thousands upon thousands of employees of his calibur.
    5. There is less risk of the Apple employee further damaging the machine when doing a textbook part replacement. Think about what would happen if the repair man broke that pin off while attempting to bend it back. For those of you who have worked on electronics, this should hit close to home. Thats a customer service and billing headache.

    The indie repair man makes an important disclaimer at the end of his repair: “I’m going to re-work your original cable. That may not last long term…” Personally, I would be delighted to gamble on that and take the free repair. Problem is IF there is actual water damage here, one cannot be sure of the integrity of the electronics without being more thorough, and that is why Apple only ventures to fix the _whole_ thing including several expensive parts with water indicators tripped. It is common for a short or damaged electronics to cause damage to other interconnected parts, and so bending a pin back is really not a thorough fix. This machine could break again causing problems for the end-user. If the apple store had bent the pin back and then some component had later fried due to the water damage, you might have another customer service/billing headache with angry customer who thought you had fixed it.

    This is not to say there aren’t monetary reasons why apple does things this way. I’m sure it also works to their advantage this way as well. From a repair service standpoint this is totally justified and expected from a large company.

    Anecdotally, I had an electrical issue with my washer. I probably could have fixed it cheaply or free, but chose not to because if I break my landlord’s washer beyond repair, or do a repair which doesn’t hold up, I could be liable down the line, losing money or time. I opted to let my landlord suss out the issue with a repair man. In the end, the repair man opted not to work on the machine and instead just put in a brand new one, because parts + labor + risk of the repair not holding up was not worth it vs the price of a new machine.

  19. I mean I don’t like apple, but the battery slow down was kind of explained. And the repair stuff? I mean it’s their business model to sell overpriced stuff, you know that before buying it.

  20. I bot my first Iphone this year and it’s my second apple product ever the phone I bot is the Iphone 6 Se I got it for 200 no plan I will never spend $1000 for a phone I’ll but an Iphone 10 when it’s 200$

  21. I mean, this is getting out of hand for no reason in the small Luis Rossman community, they went into one, ONE apple store and in that instance they got ripped off. And also it was in Canada, I’d be interested to see what happens in other apple stores and also not in Canada, everyone is generalizing like it’s all the Apple stores. It may well be, but it may not. And if you haven’t noticed no big tech publication has published this “story”.

  22. My MacBook Pro was taken in for repair as the battery connector had corroded a tiny bit to water damage, meaning the Mac would only work when on the adapter. I was informed that due to battery and circuitry damage, the computer would require either a 1000 GBP repair and so the gentleman suggested I buy a new MacBook Pro. He refused (!!!!!) simply changing the battery as I requested. I decided to open up the MacBook Pro as I felt it was weird the computer worked fine with the adapter on. I found some corrosion in the battery connector but not other damage, so I bought a new battery from a well-known supplier. Cost me 80GBP and some hours of my time on a Sunday. Replaced it and everything is now fine again.

    Just open up your MacBook Pro before taking it to the Apple store.

    TDLR/ Apple suggested a 1000GBP repair or a new MBP for 3300 GBP, got it fixed for 80 pounds.


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