Architects (Metal band) Lead Singer calls out a sexual harassment

Architects (Metal band) Lead Singer calls out a sexual harassment

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  1. Jesus. So many pieces of shit in this thread. As someone whos been to lots of shows and crowdsurfed countless times, sexual assalt is not a part of it. There was obviously a line that was crossed or the singer wouldnt have called it out. ‘If you dont want to be touched inappropriately then dont crowdsurf’ is such a bullshit cop out response

  2. As a life long metal head, people need to see more of this. THIS is what we are about. We make look scary or corny, but there are great people in the metal community. Also some turds, but mostly great people.

  3. Yo, I just recently got put on to the Architects and their music is fucking amazing. I like a certain sort of structure/vibe when it comes to the more intense subsets of rock, and they’re like a match made in heaven for me. I’m glad to see they’re good people as well.

  4. Saw this happen at a Powerman 5000 concert back in the early 2000s. A women got the girls out while on her boyfriends shoulders. A few guys groped, the show stopped instantly, Spider (the lead singer) called the guys out, and had security show them the door. Went right back to the show.

  5. Not defending the guy, but fuck crowd surfers… missed basically a whole concert because people just kept coming and if you didn’t watch your back at all times you risked getting kicked in the head.

  6. I’ve seen it happen at lots of shows. It’s almost a given…which is terrible. I saw a girl get her shirt ripped half off at a fucking Less than Jake concert.

    I wish he would have call security over and had the guy thrown out. That isn’t a “if you want to do it again” situation.

  7. As a woman and a metal fan, I have words to say about this.

    1) WHAT A FUCKING STUD, I appreciate him calling this out so much.

    2) However, I am literally 0% surprised that he did. This is very metal culture. People tend to paint metal heads as violent – I guess because of all the moshing. But in reality they’re some of the sweetest crowd you’ll ever meet. If I were in the pit and someone knocked me over, 9.5 times out of 10 they would help me back up, apologize profusely, and help me out of the line of fire to a more safe spot to be. I have had giant guys I don’t even know protect me or help me get in or out of a tight crowd. They’re good people, and the bands they’re there to see often promote being good to each other.

    3) I haven’t read the other comments yet, but I assume about 1/3 of you are going to say “well that’s what she gets for crowdsurfing, what do you expect.” For you assholes, I propose this:

    **Imagine being at a concert with your friends. You want to move closer to the front, so you try to squeeze your way forward a bit. In doing so, the front of your jeans happens to brush across the hand of a girl in front of you who’s trying to help you get by. No big deal.**

    **Now imagine the same scenario, except when the girl sees you trying to get by, she doesn’t help you. She just sticks her hand out as you go by, grabs you by your stupid little package, and squeezes it.**

    There is a difference. Apparently such an obvious different that the vocalist could *see it happen from the stage.* I get that you want to be able to justify doing shitty things to people, because you do shitty things to people. But don’t try to convince other decent people of your lame ass excuses, it makes you look like an idiot.

  8. Fuck people who need to grope another person to get off, but also fuck crowd surfing in general. No one needs a boot, knee, elbow or cranium to the face while trying to enjoy a show.

  9. Hell, I’ve been groped by women and assumably gay dudes while crowd surfing. It’s not fun. I’d gladly punch anyone in the face who was groping someone against their will at a concert…

  10. This is an unfortunate reality of virtually every show I have ever been to. I have seen a lot of singers angrily call it out over the past twenty or so years and threaten to walk off the stage if it happens again, stuff like that, but it still happens.

    It’s even more disappointing because a lot of the communities surrounding these bands and genres like to talk up the whole comradery the fans have, similar to the whole wall of death “If you see someone fall down, pick them up” thing, yet this shit happens at pretty much every show.

    It’s also a step beyond “harassment” as the title says.


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