Ayrton Senna’s heal-toe technique while wearing old man loafers and white socks

Ayrton Senna’s heal-toe technique while wearing old man loafers and white socks

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  1. This is actually how I heel toe in every car. I have no fucking idea how people can do the ninja kick shit like you see in some vids; I just move my fat foot off the brake and boop the throttle like in the op. It honestly feels dangerous doing it when you’re headed toward a concrete barrior going 100 but I’m pretty confident doing it

  2. I never understood the awe of this particular technique.. so its Senna, so what?

    I have used this technique since I start driving at 17, flip flops, bare feet, whatever..

    It is neither difficult or sophisticated… get over yourselves!

  3. after watching so many roadcars crash at the nerbergring on youtube, I think its more dangerous and perhaps harder to drive an unpredictable road car super fast then it is to drive a race car fast.

  4. Wringing the absolute shit out of that car. Love the flat-footed redline upshifts while he jiggles around in the drivers seat. And with no helmet, harness etc. Makes me want a nimble sports car again.

  5. Is he tapping on the gas in order to dump gas into the carb by working the accelerator pump? I’m not sure a car like this even has a carb, or what this would do to a fuel injection system.

  6. Can any racing buffs tell me why he taps the accelerater while going around the corner?

    Also, watch the documentary ‘Senna’ if you haven’t. I’m not an F1 fan, but I became one after watching it.


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