Balance From Within


Balance comes from within. It’s a delicate act, and sometimes we fall down.
A 170 year old sofa teeters precariously on one leg, continuously responding internally to external forces.

Special thanks to:

Golan Levin and the Carnegie Mellon University Studio for Creative Inquiry for believing in this idea and providing the support to get it off the ground.

The School of Creative Arts, Miami University, Ohio for generous support.

The Oxford Community Arts Center, Oxford Ohio and Caroline Croswell for the opportunity to film the piece in such a wonderful location.

Lynn Johnson and the Miami University Instrumentation Lab for electrical engineering consultations.

Seth Cluett, Emily Moorhead, Garth Zeglin and John Sneckenberger.

Music: Prelude in A Major Op. 28 No. 7 by Frederic Chopin
Performed by Jeremiah Jones, licensed CC By 3.0 from

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