Barbecue Chicken – Easy Barbecue Chicken Recipe

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  1. Hi this is chef Jonnnnnnnnnnnnn and im going to be givvvvvvviiiinnnnnnnng yooooo a recipppppppe for ccccchhhhhhiiiiiiicccccckkkkkeeeen, god this guys voice so anoys me.

  2. Chef John, in your new grilling videos can you please say how much coal you use to maintain your heat? Thank you and you have helped me so much. I just made Greek lemon chicken yesterday and it was fudging awesome. Making rusty chicken this week. Thanks for everything.

  3. I just made this with chicken breasts, I was sceptical about the simple marinade but it turned out amazing ! It complements the spices and barbecue sauce perfectly. 🙂

  4. It is easy to tell if chicken is done without a thermometer. if you can twist the leg bone separately from the meat  the bird is done. The breast meat should also be pulling away from the bone.

  5. How do you make Barbecue sauce? I live in Quito Ecuador now and can not find it 🙁 please tell me how I can make it……. I am from Texas so I am looking for good Barbecue 🙂


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