BBC’s Planet Earth Director loses it after car accident

BBC’s Planet Earth Director loses it after car accident

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  1. “You’re under citizen’s arrest! Your son is under citizen’s arrest! Your car is under citizen’s arrest! This whole parking lot is under citizen’s arrest!”

  2. This video is funnier and funnier the more you watch it. It’s like a John Cleese skit.

    No idea how he didn’t get his ass handed to him. From what I’ve read, he wasn’t even the one in the accident. Bonkers.

    edit: It’s hours since I’ve watched this and I still giggle at that you’re under arrest scene. It’s the “and ill tell you what…bit that just slays me. I half expect a bunny to hop out somewhere.

  3. I like how the director is flipping out on “Simon” telling him he’s going to kill him, so Simon tries to get back in the car but the door is locked. And this bitch in the car goes “Simon I’m not opening in the door.”

    Yeah sure, just leave him out there right next to a guy that looks like he’s a second away from assaulting him. Starts at 1:15.

  4. Dude reminds me of Michael Scott when he declares bankruptcy. Screaming “YOU’RE UNDER CITIZENS ARREST!” doesn’t mean shit. Like what is he going to do, whip out handcuffs and book them? Chill the fuck out, bro.

  5. Check the youtube comments:

    >How the fuck is that cuck not punching the shit out of the pink shirt retard after he put his hands on him?

    >Well he works for BBC, so he’s probably a pedophile, I wouldn’t let him near a kid.

    >A tolerant BBC liberal it seems. #BBC

    >Standard BBC Employee. Please nuke that organization in to the ground. It is a cancer.

    >cant wait to get the news from those news networks like CNN and BBC they got THE BEST employs!

    >This what happens to you when you have to watch footage of hyenas having sex for hours on end every day.

    Fucking Gold.

  6. This fucking prick owes me about £800. I did some Edit work for him at Films @59 in Bristol (google it, its where he was based for a while) and he fucked off not paying me, other junior editors and the post house.

  7. *Cue Sir David Attenborough*

    “A silver-haired Fergus. He spends his days combating the sheer forces of collision and argument. As he puffs his feathers and peers into the eyes of the unrelenting female, he exclaims in a guttural cry: “we’ve got you now.”

    Unfortunately for this male, his attempted citizen’s arrest has failed, and he’s resorted to his final play, as he declares the younger, stronger male must “prepare to die.”

    Alone, and with nothing more than a broken taillight and a severed memory of what, once, he used to be, he moves along–destined to spend the last of his few remaining, solitary days in hunger and sadness. But as his journey nears the end, other life begins to blossom. The circle inevitably continues with–and without him on these fertile, British isles.”

  8. The moment he takes it to the next level is when she says “you said you want us dead.”

    **I DO want you dead**
    **In fact, I want you dead RIGHT NOW!!**

    I burst out laughing at this point(every time).


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