Beastie Boys MCA speaks words that ring very true to this day. MTV Music Awards 1998. RIP Adam Yauch

Beastie Boys MCA speaks words that ring very true to this day. MTV Music Awards 1998. RIP Adam Yauch

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  1. Incredibly simplistic and utopia view of something that is actually incredibly complicated.

    Nice to think about but not worth serious consideration.

  2. “I want to say a lil something that’s long over due, that disrespecting women has got to be through. To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends, I want to offer my love and respect to the end.” -Adam Yauch

  3. Ugh, again with the lazy fallacy that Jihadism is a response to injustice/violence from the US…Is that why Sweden and Belgium have seen dozens of people killed in the streets just the last 3 years? If you want to feel guilty about something, look at US actions in Laos or Nicaragua or something. This monster (Islamic terrorism) is older than the US itself.

  4. I don’t know. Seems to be going fairly well for westerners. Our allies and nations are doing fine. Not that he was wrong, but artists know as much about military and politics as solders and politicians know about making art.

  5. Yeah okay, but another failproof way to end terrorism domestically is to end third world mass immigration and place bans or limiting factors on the spread of Islam. Like to see you herald this comment in a few generations time too, k thx bye.

  6. In the song “Right Right Now Now” he said
    “I went to get a loan and they asked my race/I wrote down “Human” inside the space.”
    Those 2 bars changed the way I think of people.
    Thanks, MCA! R.I.P.

  7. The US is in a no win situation. If there is a humanitarian crisis across the world, and we intervene, we are hated by half the populous just for showing up. If we don’t intervene, we are hated by half the population for not showing up. It’s like law enforcement during a domestic dispute.

    One can argue that there is never intervention without something to gain, to witch I would agree. I was referencing action vs inaction alone.

  8. This was true then, but now you have actual Western governments propped up by the public (influenced by said governments- and of course-… Vice news et al) claiming that the hijab is a tool of women’s liberation and that saying otherwise is ‘racist against middle-eastern people’ or ‘islamophobic’. Now this is not to say that an amount of islamophobia exists: an irrational fear that comes out of a LACK of knowledge of non-secular regimes such as those in the middle-east, but to say that all defense of secular ideals against oppressive religious ones is Islamophobic just because the religion is Islam to me stinks of a method of shutting down an uncomfortable conversation… It’s not as though our Western governments don’t have the diplomatic relationships and monetary incentives to make this conversation near-enough impossible (given that they, much like the ignorant public they have created, have no bollocks whatsoever and see these suffering people as merely an inconvenience to their middle-eastern ties and this fucking stupid pseudo-liberal narrative that helps secure them).

    Sorry, but it makes me feel sick.

  9. He’s saying just try and be non-violent with people who want to cut your head off if you don’t believe their bullshit religion. Seems to be working well.

  10. MCA was awesome. Not only was Paul’s Boutique an amazing album, MCA was a really outspoken activist who pushed for peace.

    He was open about his support for Tibet while the US was fondling China’s balls and he caught a lot of shit for saying what he did about Muslims, especially since he had Jewish heritage. Being pro Muslim in the entertainment industry is bad enough but be Jewish and pro Muslim and you’re pretty much marking yourself for trouble.

  11. From Wikipedia

    The missile strikes on al-Qaeda’s Afghan training camps, aimed at preempting more attacks and killing bin Laden, damaged the installations and inflicted an uncertain number of casualties; however, bin Laden was not present at the time. Following the attacks, the ruling Taliban allegedly reneged on a promise given to Saudi intelligence chief Turki al-Faisal to hand over bin Laden, and the regime instead strengthened its ties with the al-Qaeda chief.

    Operation Infinite Reach, described by historian Timothy Naftali as “the largest U.S. military response to a terrorist attack” since the 1986 bombing of Libya,[17] was met with a mixed international response: U.S. allies and most of the American public supported the strikes, but the targeted countries, Islamic militant groups, and other nations in the Middle East strongly opposed them. The failure of the attacks to kill bin Laden also enhanced his public image in the Muslim world. Further strikes were planned but not executed; as a 2002 congressional inquiry noted, Operation Infinite Reach was “the only instance … in which the CIA or U.S. military carried out an operation directly against Bin Ladin before September 11.”[18]

  12. The US isn’t interested in terrorists, just protecting it’s oil interests. If anything they want to avoid dialog with religions groups as it never goes well(fancy that).

    Most other religions have some kind of separation from church and state. I know here in aus we do, same as the UK and the USA. As far as ‘freedom of religion’ goes, that also seems well supported in law.

    However… sharia law is not separated from islam. So offering ‘freedom of religion’ toward this particular religion is incompatible with a major part of it. This can only breed conflict with any and all immigration and foreign interests in their countries. And it will never change so long as both parties believe their side to be just. The only reason there isn’t a war on right now is one sides disproportional wealth; the conflict is always there.

  13. I am dumber now having read those threads, but to each is own what I can’t stand is when anyone talks about beasties and all they talk about is License to Ill !! Right then it’s proof they don’t “ish” they were so much more than that very juvenile but catchy album !! Pauls Boutique is when they got on track for real the lyrics are still mind blowing to this day, 3 very underrated hip hop artists that people love to chime in on but don’t know the half ya heard !!

  14. I’m a personal believer that a lot of the conflict that the public sees is actually either a smoke screen, or a means to an end for some very specific special interest. That the government isnt’ “racist” but rather has determined that this course of action is the most effective way to get what we want. I feel like people who get up on stage and preach peace and blame racism (in cases like this) are very naive and don’t really understand how the world works, and has worked, for thousands and thousands of years.


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