Becket Cook: Homosexuality & Culture [AS Lecture Series]

Associated Students invites Becket Cook to talk at Biola about Homosexuality & Culture. Lecture from November 21, 2013

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  1. Does him saying "I know that I have to be obedient to Jesus" and "I take up my cross everyday" mean he no longer lays with men? I mean, "I struggle with these desires" could mean anything, including he has sex with men and then feels bad about it, right? I am either being far to literal or I am sensing some evasiveness in this man on the question of his sexual practices. I just wanna know if since he came to Christ if he has or has not had homosex. Can anyone provide any evidence either way?

  2. It's interesting to note that most if not all gay people have been molested in childhood. They are not born that way. God bless this man for hearing the call of God and His truth and choosing to live accordingly.

  3. This is really sad. I don't know who is guiding him but he has sexuality all wrong. You can believe in God and be redeemed by the holy spirit and say that you've been redeemed and still be with whoever you love. You can't change who you love and who you're attracted to.

  4. We all must walk the straight line through the narrow gate that few will find. So when you tell them being obedient to God is very important and they claim that is Lordship salvation then remind them of that straight line and how the lukewarm will be spewed into hell. God bless this man.

  5. Thank you Mr. Cook! I happened upon this "by accident. " My son who just turned 20 and was brought up in a Christian home came out to me as gay the day before he graduated high school. I KNOW he knows the truth. Saddened by it all but I love my boy and will never stop praying for Jesus to reveal himself to him in a very personal way. Your testimony gives me hope and a newfound resolve in trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit!

  6. Go buddy! Thank you for your boldness and courage…and of course for taking the leap of faith and speaking about it. Coming out for the second time… the one that truly changes the trajectory of your life now and eternally,

  7. Listening to this in 2020….January 5th. Wonderful testimony….To be delivered from ANY SIN is a testimony to the Power of Christ who paid the sin debt on Calvary’s Cross—to set us free—PTL!! Anyone has an update on this Brother in Christ?……Blessings!!

  8. I just cried when he said “At that time God was absent in my life”. That just sounded like an extreme expression of absolute loneliness. Then I cried again when he said “sexuality is not my identity. Jesus is my identity”. Powerful testimony. Very powerful. Thank you. God bless you.

  9. God loves gays, lesbians, transgender and straight people. God gave his only Son so that we have Life in eternity. Nothing can fill the emptiness but the One who is the life Giver. If you are a person seeking meaning and peace give your life to Jesus Christ. Like now.

  10. I think God has chosen him for a reason… it stroked me when he talked about his shift from sexual identity to finding himself … he followed Gods lead by sharing his story. God has spoken to him into his heart and mind. I can feel his passion to serve Him. Thank God as we need more people like him.. His parents are blessed the moment he was born.

  11. Thank you Mr. Cook for your book and your inspiring story. You have been filled by the Holy Spirit's Grace and your faith in Jesus. I have known a similar kind of faith that have saved me many times in my journey …We do get distracted during different stages in life but we could always come back to Jesus. God's essence within us will rescue us and keeps on leading the path. Some of us could open our consciousness to follow while others could keep on getting distracted. It gets to a point in life when you no longer wants distractions because the connection with Him grows so much that we no longer needs other things but to feel Gods love through Jesus. I am thankful for your story of life. You have proven how all things can be possible in Jesus Christ. A different kind of affection but mostly true love fulfillment in Jesus. 🙏🧡

  12. 24:30 "When I walked into that auditorium, I consciously took that "identity as a (fill in the blank for what you've built your identity upon) and put it on the shelf. Hey, what do I know?" What a testimony of supernatural intervention!! God still pursues. What wild love!!


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