Black People Try African Food ‘For the First Time’

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What happens when we put black people in front of some tasty African food? Will they be able to stomach it? Find out now on #FortheFirstTime



Produced by: Sydney Kim
Camera Operators: Josh Gonzales, Patrick Houston
Production Assistant: Alanna Neely-Sanchez
Edited by: Bahiyjuai Allen

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Comment (21)

  1. You guys effed up in two ways for trying African food for the first time!
    1; You should have had Ghanaian food. Nigerian food is good but Ghanaians flavor their food a bit better.
    2; You should of had Jolloff rice somewhere in the mix. Doesn't matter if you use Ghana or Nigeria Jolloff. That should have been the case!

  2. This shit was straight up disrespectful in the funniest way… how tf u gon eat fufu without the soap…should be illegal to do that fr and somebody tell that light skinned mutated silverback built ass panda man to sit his regurgitating ass tf down inna corner…

  3. I am 100% african.
    This is comedy before anything. It's like getting roasted cause you're sitting at the front row of some stand-up comedy show, you have to put your sensitivity aside and take it like an adult. I love african food from many different countries but I don't expect people from all over the world to appreciate it the same. Sh!t, okra for instance, I so fcuking love okra, but I mos def understand how a lot of people can't eff with it. I live in France, and I fcuks with oysters, snails, duck liver aka foie-gras, frog legs… all that sh!t's delicious… just not to everybody.
    And last time I checked, Nigeria was in Africa, so there's absolutely nothing wrong with calling it African food! I can't believe all these (african or not) people crying because their country was not represented. If you try food from Colombia, or Brazil, or Argentina, well it's still South American food. I really don't understand all this boo-hoo! My people, you need to be way less sensitive… you're lookin like Kanye West right now! Peace


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