Break-up Pasta – Aglio E Olio – You Suck at Cooking (episode 14)

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This is the best way to ensure years of loving friendship when transitioning out of a relationship.

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  1. The correct cooking time for pasta is at least 2minutes less than what is written on the box (if you follow instructions it will definitely be overcooked).. and the only test to see if it is perfectly al dente is to taste it!

  2. Potevo anche accettare l’aglio tagliuzzato e il peperoncino secco al posto di quello fresco…ma vederlo versare l’olio sulla pasta anziché ripassarla in padella mi ha fatto soffrire troppo

  3. Nah nah nah nah… You done fucked up this one son. You BURN THE SHIT out of the garlic, strain the oil, add a bit more garlic, and golden brown that. Only then do you add the chili flakes. Also, no broccoli? 2/10 would unsub.


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