British comedian on all the things wrong with Monopoly as a game

British comedian on all the things wrong with Monopoly as a game

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  1. Strange, those are not my complaints about Monopoly.

    My issue is that the game is horribly random, and the basic strategy of buy properties, trade for a set, and build houses and hotels doesn’t require many choices or much in the way of skill. Basically, it’s boring.

  2. I last played monopoly some 15-20 years ago with my two younger brothers…

    I bought out all the 1s in the bank and forced them to go through me (charging a transaction fee) for any transactions involving low dollar amounts…

    …like I said that was the last time I played monopoly.

  3. He’s going to front the latest attempt at a British r/dailyshow. Might be interesting; who knows.

    Also, years ago, Americans knew this chap as “the confused Muslim”, from the internet meme of the same name. Not that he’s Muslim.

  4. I like his choice of comedic material. Just watched the full clip.

    He reminds me of Lewis Black from the old Daily Show, who provides a bit of biting commentary.

  5. A monopoly is the “right wing” way of running an economy? It’s the exact opposite, the “right wing” way of doing things is encouraging competition, it’s the left wing that wants government monopolies.

  6. The best way to play Monopoly is to give roles.

    Let’s say there are 4 players.

    One is a “cop”, one is a “bank robber”, one is “the mafia” and one is “celebrity”. This game involves double amount of usual bank money.

    Bank robbers can rob the bank at anytime (up to a limit) they choose but if it is the cop’s turn and he lands on the same property or has caught up with the robber, he takes all the money and returns it to bank (or can skim and become dirty cop. Dirty cops can be killed by mafia).

    Cops can also “kill” robbers if they have a “shootout” and roll best out of seven dice rolls. If robber wins “shootout” then the cop is killed (returns to start).

    The “mafia” can skim/”bully” money off of any property they land on if they also have said property value/same or more amount of houses or hotels. They can choose amount to skim (up to 30%) in return the the owner is now “protected” by mafia from police. If police land on property they are pushed dice roll amount squares away into other territory.

    If bank robbers land on Mafia territory they must give percentage of stolen/dirty money to owner but now are given extra dice roll if being pursued or caught up with cops.

    If cop lands on mafia territory they may try and take territory only with “shoot out” but now any property is given back to public domain.

    If cop lands on Bank robber territory, if bank robber’s property value is higher, property value is seen as “Hideout” and nothing can happen to bank robber (unless he is dirty cop and must hand over “bribe” [negotiated percentage]).

    If cop lands on Celebrity property is now “gated community” and free pass/protected by Cops.

    If Mafia lands on cop property they can have “shoutout” (Property still stays cop’s property but police must go back “home”/jail if lost) or pay percentage [neogotiated] to “dirty cop” or pay regular tax.

    If Mafia lands on Bank robber property, Bank robber collects no money if Mafia is smaller than bank robber’s empire. If Mafia is larger they can then either bully (take percentange of current robbed bank winnings in exchange for “protection”/extra dice rolls on next shootout that player has with cops. They can also “order a hit”.

    If celebrity lands on Mafia property, regular $$$ is collected or player can choose to endorse said player or not and now celebrity is now “Sinatra’d”. If celebrity is “Sinatra’d” then any property celebrity lands on that is Mafia owned, he doesn’t pay any $$$ but must give “protection”/extra dice rolls for police protection.

    If celebrity lands on Bank robber property regular money is given for or Bank robber can choose to “Deniro” the celebrity and the celebrity gets pass if Celebrity chooses to mutually own boardwalk properties where both parties mutually take in same $$$.

    All treaties can be given up at any time or any turn. Mafia can also “plant a bomb” on police properties (if doubles are rolled) the property “explodes” and square is wiped empty. Dirty cops can skim money off any other player but if Celebrity lands on on “dirty cops” property he can “send in the paparazzi’ and expose them, returning all their money to bank/public domain. If celebrity uses paparazzi excessively (more than three times), Mafia can “Jimmy Hoffa” the celebrity and “bury their movements” for up to 3 turns.

    If celebrity owns side of board (especially Boardwalk) it is “Hollywood Hills” and is immune to any police (not mafia) abilities. If boardwalk side is owned it is also immune to any Mafia abilities for remainder of game.

    If Mafia controls side of board it is immune to any police abilities. If Mafia controls side of board with boardwalk it is “Boardwalk Empire” and now immune to both police and celebrity abilities.

    If cop controls side of board it is immune to any mafia abilities.
    If cop controls side of board with Boardwalk is is now “FBI’d” and immune to any mafia or bank robber abilities.

    If Bank robber controls side of board he is protected from police abilities. If Bank robber controls side of board with Boardwalk he has “Safe house zone” and is immune to both police and Mafia abilities”

    Bribes can happen between anyone and payoffs are acceptable.

    I have not yet played this version and just made this yp on the spot. Seems like it would be fun. Any thoughts?


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