Can Do Cameron – Atari Style

So old 80s video games hold a special place with us. Pac Man, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, those games are legend. Can Do Cameron is our childrens Spy Adventure Series (20+ episodes to date). We’re always trying to take Can Do somewhere different and the idea of putting him in one of those old school 8-bit video games seemed hysterical! It was a little different spin on the “trapped in video game” concept going old school rather than super advanced. The graphics designed in this are so very nostalgic and I like hearing Cameron talk a little smack at the computer.

A little trivia, the Seventh Story office is in the same complex as Veggie Tales. About 5 minutes in you’ll notice a purple door covered by some wood palates. It was placed there to cover the Veggies Company logo as we were shooting in the small loading dock area right at their back door.

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