Captain D used to be so brutal

Captain D used to be so brutal

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  1. Yeah, but being nasty like that doesnt make someone seem smarter, makes them seem like “that-smug-teen-who-just-discovered-atheism/rand/politics-and-now-shits-on-everyone”.

    I prefer him the way he is now.

  2. All I know is..captain D has been doing these videos for 8 ish years and only has 300k subs on youtube..hes super talented and needs to have mre of a spotlight on him, his videos are fucking awesome, everyone should sub and like.

  3. I watched the super old video of him on his personal channel where he repeatedly says ‘fuck the superbowl’. It was an interesting contrast to the videos he his known for nowadays.

  4. I respect the popularity of content cops like this. People should be called out for this moronic shit more often. What iDubbz does is a small step in the right direction. I love when smart guys stay true to themself and release brutal stuff like this. You can tell how strongly they feel about the lack of intelligence.

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