Car runs over dozens of skateboarders in Sao Paulo during Skate Day

Car runs over dozens of skateboarders in Sao Paulo during Skate Day

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  1. The driver was attacked after some misunderstanding with a skateboarder and he was running away from being lynched

    Full video here:

    He was accompanied by his 80yo mother and another person and felt very afraid after suddently being attacked by random skateboarders.

    skateboarders in brazil have a bad reputation for doing wrong things and many people were very suspicious even after seeing this video initially

  2. This is obviously an organized, publicized event with police and staffers barricading cars from entering the street at points. Why in the world were any cars allowed on the roads at all? This is a failure of those who organized the event. Risk management 101.

  3. The car obviously shouldn’t have been driving there but damn, look at all those people that are most likely running to get a hit in on the driver just for the hell of it or kill the driver. God, I hate Brazil.

  4. These types of events, be it skateboards or bicycles or motorbikes or pedestrians or whatever fucking stilts I dunno seem to often end up with somebody getting run over with a car. It’s nonsense. The road is for motor vehicles and as much as I’d like for the road to be shared nicely, humans in cars are dickholes. Not always, but very frequently.

    The notion of taking the streets over for a day sounds all fun and cute but if you’re not part of the group doing the taking over you’re likely part of the group annoyed by them. And well, if the annoyed person is in a car they might just do something violent and stupid. With their car.

    I get it, really I do. You try and ride a bike on the side of the road, you obey all the traffic laws and travel courteously and respectfully, and given enough time somebody will try and run you off the road, or scream at you, or throw shit at you. People are just like that sometimes. And so you think, “Gee wouldn’t it be great if *I* had the power in this situation, even just once.”

    And enough like minded people have that same thought and you and your buds organize a critical mass or skateday or whatever and it’s all going peachy until some of the less friendly people who’ve joined in your fun start using the anonymity of the mob to act out and be jerks.

    Now the dynamic has shifted. Slowly the group has gone from passive participants to maybe pranksters and slowly onto hooligans and eventually unruly mob. Or maybe one of the aforementioned crazy people in cars just decides they don’t wanna deal with this shit today and then some random violence propels the excitable masses into full on manhunt street fighting mode. It’s a recipe for disaster because it doesn’t take into account the needs and the wants of the whole of a community.

    The people in the bike lane didn’t want to get shit thrown at them and the people in the cars didn’t want to have to deal with a flood of people in the road. Neither group can win by forcing the other to acquiesce. You can’t change minds by force. You have to accept that your way is not the only way and that the road wouldn’t exist without the cars.

    Sometimes these things go by unnoticed and sometimes they’re even good for a community but too often there’s some kind of negative fallout. It happens in my town every year, the numerous touristy events like critical mass, the biker and hot rod days the parades and the burning man people, there’s always some kind of shit going on to deal with and the roads are never just conveying cars.

    For the most part people tend to cooperate surprisingly well, but there are days when you can feel the insanity rising in the air, especially during the warmer months. There’s always the chance that somebody will plow their SUV into a chili cook-off or unload their gun at a rodeo, and it’s unfortunate but that’s just people for you. After all we’re all just a bunch of dumb monkeys playing dress up and children playing adult, we’re bound to act like dumb ape-kids from time to time.

    That said, I still wish I could ride my bike without people throwing shit at me.

  5. I remember a similar video in new york where bikers had an altercation with a biker gang. He ended up fleeing and hitting a biker or maybe 2.

    In situations when you’re attacked by numerous people, it’s an intense moment and the adrenaline will kick in but fear is number 1. You will likely panic and make mistakes. Ove been mugged by 20 people in a housing estate once, it was scary as fuck being surrounded.

    However I’d do the same. If hundreds of skaters are around and 10 to 20 attack me, I’m not stopping when they essentially have a weapon that can kill me with one blow to my head.

  6. so from what i gathered driver accidentally hits skateboarder driving onto the road that is closed down for skate day. Skater’s get agressive and the driver fears the mob and guns it down the road into more skaters. now driver is barreling through the street hitting more people while the skaters give chase.

    i have to say the most of the fault lies onto the driver. yes the group that originally moved in on the car are also at fault but the ones who give chase after the driver starts to run over more people are honestly justified in giving chase.

  7. 100% skaters fault. Driver was acting in self defense. I’m not religious but I pray that the driver is ok and I pray the skaters get what’s coming to them.


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