Cat Honks because it wants in the dryer.

Cat Honks because it wants in the dryer.

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  1. Fun Fact: Cats don’t meow to each other. It’s a vocalization technique cats learn as something humans react to and thus they continue doing it.

    Cats also learn growling from other cats. Some cats can develop it on their own but most won’t growl at something unless they were growled at by a cat at a young age. Same goes with spitting. Cats will learn to spit on each other in a big litter as a defense mechanism and then continue it through their life.

    This is why proper social interaction is important for cats. If you separate kittens to early they are literally too stupid to know how to even send signals to other cats they are angry. Same goes if you don’t interact with kittens enough, they won’t learn to vocalize a meow.

  2. I think my dog is sensitive to that honk because whenever I play the sound of this cat’s honk she comes running into my room to inspect what is going on and she looks at my speaker like “WHAT IS THAT”.

  3. We used to have a cat named Daylight, she was uh, pretty fat. My friend always called her ‘fatty poopy butt’ a fitting nickname. One time, she decided the dryer was a warm place to sleep, and someone decided that they wanted to warm the clothes again before the folded them turned it on.

    When we found her she was alive sitting on the ground by the dryer panting, like a dog, and her ears and paws were burned, we took her to the vet, he said she would be okay. and gave us some ointment and some other medication for her. He did mention that if she wasn’t as fat as she was she wouldn’t have been able to knock the dryer door open. So being fat saved her life. She lived a long fat life after that as well.


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