Chris Evans on “brain noise” and anxiety

Chris Evans on “brain noise” and anxiety

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  1. As someone who has bad anxiety, this was somewhat comforting. Now I just need to learn to train my brain to actually “Shhh.”

    I have many negative cognitive thoughts often. I’ll think I’m a failure but then I try to be reasonable and think “You still are capable, you just haven’t done anything about it yet.” Then my brain goes “Yeah, you’re lazy.” And sometimes it’s hard to argue with my brain.

  2. **”Everyone’s brain is noisy, that’s what it does. It makes thoughts. The problem is following that brain noise and listening to that brain noise and identifying with it as if that is who you are.”**

    …Thanks Cap.

  3. I suffer from terrible anxiety, and can confirm this does wonders. Another technique is to just take a deep breath in and out, just 5 seconds. It has instant positive and calming affects.

  4. He’s basically adopting buddhist philosophies. Which I highly recommend looking into if you’re suffering from anxiety or depression. Helped more than a 8 years of therapy/meds.

  5. Realising that it’s your brains job to compute equations based on past experiences is essential to understanding yourself. He summed it up well with saying that it isn’t your personality. It’s just another organ in your body doing it’s thing to keep you alive.

  6. Yeah, as someone who has dealt with a lot depression, sometimes the only thing you can do is to tell your mind to shut up, and not let all the bad thoughts get the best of you. Because while you can’t cure mental illness with the right attitude, it does actually help a lot, realising that so many of your doubts and fears are completely unwarranted is important.

  7. Considering how common and widespread anxiety seems to be these days, I’m beginning to think that maybe it’s just part of human nature. Because at this point I feel like EVERYONE has some form of anxiety these days.

  8. Chris Evans is a human being, just like all of us.
    He is not a robot. Some people sees Hollywood actors and actresses as if they were too different compared to us, as if it seemed they have no feelings, emotions, fears and that they won’t ever feel (and felt) sad or worried.
    Either way, we are all humans.
    No matter if we are rich or poor.
    No matter if we are famous or not.
    We’re all humans and the good thing about knowing all of this about Chris Evans is that what he said will probably gonna help lots of people, and that’s incredible.

  9. I wish they would let Cap make these kinds speeches in the movies because Evans clearly has a knack for inspirational speeches. The only time he really did that was in Winter Soldier.

  10. I started meditating last year and it absolutely turned my life around, only for the better. I used to be such an anxious, judgemental, insecure little bitch before I started meditating.

  11. *”…everyone’s brain is noisy. It’s what it does. It makes thoughts. And the problem is, I think in most of our lives, the root of suffering is following that brain noise, and listening to that brain noise, and actually identifying with it as if it’s who you are. That’s just the noise your brain makes.”*

    For anyone that this really resonates with, I highly recommend reading The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer. A superb book that has had a lasting effect on my life.

  12. This reminds me of the book power of now. It’s a pretty good read if you want to dig deeper into this “brain noise”thing and learn to be more in the present.

  13. I’m saddened and stressed a lot because of my social anxiety but seeing this helps a bit. He seems like a genuine person, a lot of actors come across as fake.

  14. The message is fantastic and the guy is the living embodiment of his role as Captain America.

    But holy shit can we just get a camera on a tripod and stop with the jump cut jump cut closeup shakycam closeup extreme closeup unsteadycam cut cut cut cut cut for an answer to one question

  15. The mindset of just learning to tolerate chronic anxiety seems so silly to me. It’s completely possible to get your anxiety down to a point where you don’t really need to do anything to manage it.

  16. I suffer from an anxiety disorder and was taught a very similar method to Chris’ “shhh” technique. It involves thinking of your anxiety as an entity, or some sort of little gremlin-like thing that follows you around everywhere and tugs at your leg every time you have an anxious thought. The entity following you around isn’t you, it’s a separate thing, and just like a bully the more attention you give it and the more you react to it the more it will keep pestering you.

    Whenever you’re feeling anxious you should imagine the little guy pulling your leg and just let it happen. He is smaller than you and you have the power, the more you ignore him the more bored he will get, and eventually (hopefully) he will go away.

    It is of course always easier said than done, I just find it helps to perceive the anxiety in a funnier and more imaginative way like this.

  17. When I was an athlete in college, I struggled a lot with performance anxiety. The concept of brain noise, and “shh” takes a long time to master. It’s about silencing your negative self-talk, just trusting yourself to do what you need to do.

    Excellent advice for anyone who struggles with any sort of anxiety. Very very difficult to execute without years of practice.

  18. I’ve been struggling with some of the worst anxiety if ever experienced and as someone who has never really acknowledged it’s existence it’s scary as hell. This video made me feel a lot more sane. Thanks Cap


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