Cook County Jail's Comeback | NYT News

After a decade-long reform effort, Cook County Jail in Chicago is now being described as a model facility. Walk through the jail complex to see what has changed.

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  1. I believe the general population of caucasian men have a relevant insecurity complex in comparison to the rest of the world..
    I get the impression the western caucasians have utilised authority to boost their own confidence and hide the genuine problem with their own Psychosis; This is a deficit; Psycotic traits of extreme fear of others masquerading behind a farce of law and authority…
    It is actually criminally motivated and criminally insane to threaten others who are going out their business, simply on the emotions of feeling inferior and afraid!

  2. Why is it every time I see inside a American jail its mostly coloured people I see, yes there is white people but mostly there coloured, think it saus a lot about American justice system

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