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Nailed It! DIY Squozen Cola Recipe
We’ve been working hard to refine our squozen cola recipe – a riff on a coca cola recipe from 1886. After trying a bunch of different recipes and variations we stumbled on the open cola recipe, and the cube cola recipe – both of which are close to the Pemberton 1886 coca cola formula in flavour. We’ve used the basic method, and tweaked the ingredients.

Flavour emulsion:
7.50 mL orange oil
7.00 mL lime oil
2.00 mL lemon oil
0.80 mL cassia oil
1.50 mL nutmeg oil
0.50 mL coriander oil
0.50 mL lavender oil
0.50 mL neroli oil
20g gum arabic
40 mL water

Measure out the oils into a small glass container.
In a high sides glass mixing jug, whisk together the gum arabic and the water.
While whisking the gum mixture at high speed, slowly dribble in the oils mixture.
Whisk at high speed for 15-20 minutes, or until oils and water emulsify.
No oils should be visible on the surface.

Cola Concentrate:
200 mL double strength caramel colouring
65 mL citric acid
100 mL water
22 mL vanilla extract
2 – 5 mL Kola extract depending on your caffeine tolerance
Flavour emulsion from above

Add the caramel colouring to a medium glass flask.
In another glass container stir the citric acid into the water and mix until clear.
Add the citric acid water to the caramel.
Mix in the Vanilla and the Kola extract.
Whisk in the flavour emulsion.
This is the cola concentrate, which will make 90L of cola.

The Cola Syrup:
800 mL water
1.4 kG sugar
27 – 32 mL cola concentrate depending on your taste

Dissolve the sugar in the water over low heat.
This will take a while, stir and be patient.
Continue stirring until the syrup is clear, remove from the heat and allow to cool to room temp.
Stir in the cola concentrate.
This cola syrup will make 14L of cola.

Mixing the cola
The cola is a 7:1 mix.
1 part cola syrup to 7 parts carbonated water.
You can mix by the glass, or in a corny keg.

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    The Whole Cola Playlist:
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  2. I'm in cali. Jaritos cola is here to. I don't remember seeing it thought till a few months ago so I think it came out round mid 2019 maybe a little earlier but I'm pretty sure it's pretty new and that's why people are thinking they don't make a cola.

  3. Here is the problem I had with your root beer.
    It's cheaper to buy the generic then make it.
    Just the sassperilla root cost more. And it hard to find.
    I'm wanting to make in 5 gallon batches. And that was like $50. If you buy generic root beer that much is less then $20.

  4. The Coke Cola was publicly revealed way back in the 1920's when a smart ass Federal prosecutor filed criminal charges for the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1906. The cocaine had long since removed the drug, but the Feds still wanted it to be revealed. And so they finally did. Charges dismissed. Yes, it's in the Federal rule books if one wants to take the several days to do this. One more thing, Actress Joan Crawford knew at one time the formula when she was a director at Coke Cola and later at Pepsi, yes Pepsi.

  5. So i'm quite late to the party I guess but that's just because i'm danish. Anyways, wanted to ask about the flavor emulsion, if i cant get my hands on gum Arabic or don't want to use it, is it possible to use the method from the 1886 formula where you dissolve the oils in alcohol to get the 7X formula?

  6. I just started making this.

    Got the essential oil blend mixed and the gum arrived today. Will continue and hopefully have it made and ready for sipping by the weekend.

  7. Glen can we taste the concentrate liquid that you made before mixing the sugar syrup,will there be any health problems after tasting a little ,because I am going to do it as an experiment for coca cola ? Thanks in advance


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