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If you’re a parent you’ll love our new channel dedicated to help you feeding your family: We’ve got great meals for all ages to save you time, money and get the good stuff into your kids. Things like this simple and versatile ragu recipe which is the base for Jamie’s Family lasagne :

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Comment (28)

  1. In my humble opinion :
    Add garlic to the vegétables, to give the peps ! It's rather better if your fry the vegetables first in the olive oil, then add the meat, let it cook fort 10 mn and after adding the meat don't forget to add salt and pepper !!! then add the tomatoes and let cook for 45 mn !

  2. This comment is just for me. There are some comments about various ingredient and technique tips I want to remember. Lol! Pay no attention to the blonde!
    Bill Halliwell, Slow Cooker Ideas, El Fonque, David Grech, Alexandru Lapugean, hendrixexperiencedig, Stefano Dcb, Mathias Langso, Draw with Oni,………argh! So many excellent comments, I can’t go through them all!!!!

  3. First time I ever watch your video….well let me tell you for sure you are not fussy can not be bothered cleaning you carrots onions let alone the tins of tomatoes …clean the dam things …you can put them in a glass container use some gloves and one by one the tomatoes you can remove any skin belly button of the tomato whatever you call it and please do not tell me they are perfectly clean because they are not …I cook better than you and a billion chef like you well I make tastier food than you Pasta Masta called what you want and any other dish I put all in my little pocket for sure I am the fussiest person on earth when it comes to taste and cleaning my veggies meat chicken fish whatever … and oh yeh the celery you should try at least to remove all the stringy stuff in it …am I disappointed ??? YESSSSSSSS…Uncle Eddie

  4. I recommend not blending the veggies but cutting them down to small chunks. You get less water on your ragú and more flavour (plus different texture!) you need to spend a bit more time cutting but it’s worth it.


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