Eating At The Worst Reviewed Restaurant In My City

Eating At The Worst Reviewed Restaurant In My City

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  1. Hey guys! 2 things

    1) a donair is basically what you call a kebab in Canada

    2) I went outside and picked the lobster up afterwards, some animal probably would have gotten rid of it for me but I did not want that thing getting sick lol I’m surprised I came out of this one without food poisoning myself.

    Much love

  2. 1 star reviews. Like the dirty jobs of TV. You could be the next mike rowe. Nothing like that exists.

    Geez. Anyone in the pacific northwest wanna do this with me? Spokane/CDA

    Fuck… trying to find shitty restaurants is hard… lol

  3. I fully expect to see buzzfeed making a video on this in no less than a month. This was a great idea for a video and I enjoyed it, you should work on your presentation and editing and I think you’d really have something.

  4. This guy looks as if he has been laid off a few months ago and he is really bored and tells everyone he’s looking for a new job but he really is not and he’s pretty content with chillen all day. Good video


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