eBay – 101 Furniture (Seller Portrait)

eBay wanted to uncover the inspiring stories that make up the most interesting eBay sellers in the UK. We searched through eBay for unique products and found 101

With just a couple planks of scaffolding boards in their back garden, David and Jamie started their reclaimed furniture business. Their company started at a time when neither knew how to weld, and both had limited wood making skills.

Within the space of 18 months, they utilised eBay as a selling platform and have grown to employ 5 people, and work from a 2500 sqft workshop. This was the perfect story for us to tell. It had everything eBay wanted to say about how it can help small businesses reach their market.

We wanted to film the piece creatively, both in style and look – making sure the story is clear in its execution. We received a number of reference images from David and Jamie, this helped us get a good idea of what we planned to shoot before we arrived. Luckily we managed to budget a two-day shoot allowing us to spend more time on each shot, which was great.

Some inspiration from something we’d seen online ultimately lead us to the idea for the welding scene. This gave us some really interesting light techniques, perhaps one of our favourite shots in the film.

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